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Diana Chu

November 13, 2016

Telzio Provides Safety Hotlines for College Campuses

Telzio powers help hotlines for nonprofit groups around the world.

College campuses have long used “buddy systems” to help students get home or to class safely, but the wave of hate crimes across the nation has propelled the need for action-ready students to band together.

A student from the University of Arkansas wrote us yesterday:

Since the election, there has been a rapid series of hate crimes across our campus and I have heard from many minority students who are too afraid to attend classes and are struggling in school because of it.

In response, students at the university have formed a group called the NWA Peace Coalition, and they are taking action by creating a safety hotline for people who need escorts to class.

Hotline Service

Telzio has provided the group with a phone number that students can call to request an escort. Calls are instantly forwarded to the whole group of volunteers at once, and the first to pick up gets the call.

With Telzio’s mobile app, volunteers can log in when they’re ready to take calls and log out when they’re unavailable.

The hotline can also receive texts, which are instantly forwarded to an email and can alternatively be directed to a cell phone or the app.

How to Get Started

The process of setting up a hotline takes minutes and is all done through Telzio’s website. Local and toll free numbers register instantly, and each phone number includes unlimited users. Calling between users is all free, so volunteers can easily stay in communication by using Telzio’s mobile app.

Start a free 30 day trial and choose your hotline number today.


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