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Jennifer Chen

August 2, 2016

Choosing VoIP Service for Telephone Campaigns

Telzio powers telephone marketing campaigns for the biggest agencies around the world.

Running effective telephone campaigns demands the capacity to support a high volume of calls to get the best results, which means having reliable phone service and communication tools.

Businesses and nonprofit organizations rely on Telzio’s VoIP service to host phone numbers, voice and SMS services, and flexible routing solutions to execute high-volume telephone campaigns.

Our customers range from music artists, to billion-dollar startups, to local advocacy groups, that all use Telzio in various ways. Telzio’s solutions can be tailored to each different customer, campaign, and budget.

No More Busy Signals

One of the major benefits of supporting a high-volume of incoming calls with Telzio is eliminating busy signals. Each line with Telzio can support an indefinite number of incoming calls.

Recently, one customer received 12,000 simultaneous calls at once, and hit these peaks over the course of several weeks while the service continued to run smoothly.

Power in Callers

Independent associations like the American Medical Student Assocation (AMSA) run telephone campaigns to lobby for causes such as affordable healthcare by calling into their state representatives and voicing opinions on specific issues or legislation. The AMSA says:

A telephone campaign is a better lobbying technique than letter writing, petitioning, or emailing. Speaking to an actual living, breathing human being will do wonders in getting your message heard by those who make the policies. And phone calls to legislative staff are how business is done on Capitol Hill.

The more people who call in, the bigger impact it makes, and Telzio makes it easy to support a large staff and group of volunteers. Telzio is unique from other providers in that we include all users in our pricing.

Users can be added and deleted anytime at no cost, so changing staff and bringing on new volunteers to make calls is instant and seamless.

Organizations can have as many staff members and volunteers as needed on a telephone campaign to make and receive calls without paying a fee per user.

Bring Your Own Devices

Users can download our free mobile app to make and receive calls from any location. For desktops, IP phones and any SIP-based softphone application also work.

The ability for staff and volunteers to use their own devices makes it easier and less costly to run telephone campaigns. Organizations can launch global telephone campaigns virtually with people helping out from anywhere, and there is no hardware, phones or cables to set up or purchase.

Automated Call Management

Telzio’s web based platform makes it easy to customize call management features that help campaigns run more smoothly. With a high volume of inbound calls and a limited amount of people to answer phones, preset greetings and call routing provide 24/7 automation.

IVR Menus

Also known as an automated attendant or automated greeting, an IVR menu greets callers with a prerecorded message and presents them with options on their keypad (i.e. Press 1 for apples, press 2 for oranges).

Once the caller selects an option, they can be automatically routed to:

  • a user (or group of users),
  • another phone number,
  • another IVR menu,
  • a conference call,
  • voicemail, or
  • a phone queue.
Call Forwarding

Callers are routed to users and groups of users with our call forwarding feature. Also known as hunt groups, users can be called in order or all at the same time. There is no limit to the number of users you can add to a call forwarding group.

Call Screening

With many people using their mobile device as their main and only phone these days, call screening helps identify where the caller has dialed, so the receiver can answer accordingly.

Phone Queues

When more callers are dialing in than there are staff available to answer, callers can be placed in a call queue while they hold to be connected to the next person. Phone queues reduce the number of callers lost, which is critical for telephone campaigns.

With automated call management tools, callers are

  • routed more quickly,
  • spend less time on hold, and
  • speak to the right person the first time.

While there are certainly times when automated menus and phone queues become a disservice to callers, following some best practices will help ensure a positive caller experience.

Reliable Uptime and Audio Quality

Lastly and perhaps most critical, is a VoIP service that delivers reliable quality. Launching a telephone campaign can involve months of planning and many dollars, and come launch time, the phone service should be in place, tested, and ready to perform.

Telzio has delivered 100% uptime over the past 12 months and consistent high definition audio quality.

Telzio is completely flexible and offers pay-as-you-go plans, and a free trial period is included to help with the setup and transition period. Phone numbers and customizations are live instantly, making testing easy and fast.

Customer Support

Our support team is happy to help. Write us on the chat with any questions and see if Telzio is the right phone service for your telephone campaign.