Caller ID (CNAM)

Caller ID, or CNAM, is a service from Telzio that enables you to customize the name your business phone number displays to those you call. You can customize the caller ID name for your phone number so that your company name is displayed alongside your phone number when you call out.

Here are a few important notes about CNAM:

  • CNAM is an optional add-on feature.
  • If you want to customize the CNAM for multiple numbers, you must register each number individually.
  • Your CNAM can be up to 15 characters.
  • Whether your CNAM is displayed depends on the carrier of the person being called. Some carriers do not provide updated CNAM information to their customers, and as a result your custom CNAM may not always appear as you registered it.
  • Toll-Free numbers can not have CNAM added to them.

To update your CNAM:

  1. Navigate to the Plans and Numbers page
  2. Click on the Plan to expand its details
  3. Click on the Phone Number
  4. Click on Add under Caller ID (CNAM)
  5. Enter the CNAM as you want it displayed
  6. Click on Change Caller ID