Get started as a Telzio User

Welcome to your new Telzio phone system. In no time, you'll know how to make calls, send texts, and set up your voicemail greeting.

Telzio is a complete phone system that enables you to take your phone line anywhere you work. With a basic internet connection and WiFi, you can connect to the Telzio Mobile App, Telzio Webphone, and VoIP phones.

The Telzio Dashboard is where you can call and text, as well as customize your voicemail greeting, personalize your hold music, and collaborate with other users. Using the Webphone in the dashboard, you can make calls through your browser without downloading any software.

Log into the Telzio Dashboard using the username provided to you by your organization's Telzio Administrator or Account Owner. If you don't remember your username or password, visit Telzio and click on Forgot Username or Reset Password.

With the same username and password, you can log into the Telzio Mobile App. The app keeps your work line separate from your personal line, and calls and messages are synced with the activity on your dashboard and desk phone.

If you don't have a Telzio username yet, please contact your organization's account administrator.