Analytics on your Telzio Dashboard provides reporting metrics on calls, messages, queues, and users. Metrics can be sorted by phone number, queue, business hours, and date.

Reporting Metrics for Calls

  • Number of outgoing calls
  • Number of incoming calls
  • Number of internal calls
  • Total calls
  • Average call duration
  • Missed calls

Reporting Metrics for SMS

  • Number of outgoing texts
  • Number of incoming texts
  • Number of internal texts
  • Total texts

Reporting Metrics for Queues

  • Average time in queue
  • Average call duration
  • Total number of calls
  • Average time to abandon (caller hung up or pressed 0 to exit the queue)
  • Call volume 
    • Number of calls completed
    • Number of calls hung up by caller
    • Number of calls that exceeded the hold time
    • Number of total calls

Reporting Metrics for Users

  • Top active users
  • Number of inbound calls
  • Total duration of inbound calls
  • Number of outbound calls
  • Total duration of outbound calls
  • Number of internal calls
  • Total duration of internal calls

Telzio Call Reporting Metrics