List of Dial Codes

Dial Codes consist of 2 to 6 digit numbers that you can enter on your phone to execute features like blocking your caller ID, paging other Users, and signing in and out of Queues.

Here is a quick list of Dial Codes that you can use with your Telzio system.

Manage Voicemail
*67 Hide caller ID
*1 Sign in/out of Queues
* + Extension Intercom another User or Page a Group
*84   Page all Users
000 + Extension Monitor a User’s call
Press 4 to Listen
Press 5 to Whisper
Press 6 to Barge



You can dial *98 to access your voicemail and update your voicemail greeting. You can also check your voicemail by pressing the voicemail icon on your phone.

Learn more about User Voicemail.

Hide Caller ID

You can hide your caller ID when making an outbound call by dialing *67 and then the phone number you want to call. You will have to dial *67 each time you make a new call to block your caller ID.

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Sign In/Out of Queues

Agents can sign in and out of the Queues they are assigned to by dialing *1 on their phone.

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Intercom and Paging

You can make an intercom call to another User by dialing * and the User Extension. Intercom establishes a two-way call without the other person having to answer the phone.

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You can page all Users in a Group by dialing * and the Group Extension. Paging enables you to make a one-way call so you can make announcements over speakerphone.

Page All Users

You can page all the Users on your system to make a company-wide announcement by dialing *84.

Learn more about Paging.

Call Monitoring

Managers can monitor a User’s current active call by dialing 000 + the User Extension. The User and other participants on the call will not hear that the call is being monitored.

Use your keypad to toggle between the different call monitoring modes: 

  • Press 4 to Listen - Eavesdrop on the call without the other callers hearing
  • Press 5 to Whisper - Talk to the agent without the customer hearing
  • Press 6 to Barge - Join in the conversation and talk to everyone on the call

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