Live Reports

Live Reports displays real-time call activity on your queues, including agent status and important call statistics. Live Reports includes:

  • the number of callers waiting in each queue,
  • the average hold time in each queue,
  • the number of active calls in each queue,
  • the number of agents available in each queue,
  • a log of most recent calls, and
  • agent availability and their assigned queues.

With Live Reports you get a concise overview of important data you need to manage your phone lines. The information is updated in real-time so you will continuously see current data.

How to Access Live Reports

Navigate to Live Reports by clicking on the drop down in the top right corner of your Telzio Dashboard.

Live Reports is included for all of your Telzio Users and Admins at no extra cost.



Here are key terms and indicator definitions to help you understand the activity in your Live Reports.


In the top corner you’ll find a snapshot of your current phone activity.

Talking total number of active calls
Waiting total number of calls in a queue
Avg. Hold Time  average hold time of calls

Snapshot in Live Reports


On the left you’ll see the names of your Queues and its designated color. The colors help you identify which queues your agents are in with a corresponding circle next to their name.

Currently you can view up to 10 queues in Live Reports.

Queues in Live Reports
Indicator Definitions
Talking number of current active calls
Waiting number of callers currently waiting for an agent
Idle Agents number of agents available (online but not on a call)
Avg. Hold Time average number of minutes callers are waiting in queues

Live Calls

Under the Live Calls section you’ll find the most recent calls along with:

  • the caller’s phone number,
  • call direction (inbound or outbound),
  • the call duration, and
  • the call status.

Currently you can view up to 60 calls in Live Reports.

Indicator Definitions
Inbound Call
Outbound Call
In Flow  Caller is in a Call Flow
Waiting (Black) Caller is on hold in a Queue
Talking (Blue) Caller has been connected to an Agent
Ringing (Purple) Caller is being connected to your number


In the Agents section of Live Reports you’ll find a list of your agents and their current status. This section will tell you:

  • if an agent is on a call,
  • what queues the agent is assigned to, and
  • which agents are online/offline.

Next to the agent’s name, you’ll see a colored circle and initial that correlates to the queue. For example, aSimmons is taking calls from the Sales queue, indicated by the blue S.

Currently you can view up to 60 agents in Live Reports.

Agents in Live Reports

Indicator Definitions
Agent is on a call
Agent’s phone is ringing
Agent is available
Agent is offline