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Diana Chu

October 4, 2016

Atenga Pricing Experts Rely on Telzio for Quality Phone Calls

Atenga uses Telzio for its business phone system.

Atenga is a company built of experienced business people bringing decades of pricing intelligence to companies like Trip Advisor, and depends on Telzio’s HD quality phone calls to provide personalized client attention.

Together with a team of experts and a diligent process of data collection and analysis, founder and CEO, Per Sjofors helps companies define actionable price, marketing, and sales strategies. Sjofors and his team provide clients with insight into customers’ decision-making and willingness to pay, and help ensure that their prices are right.

Atenga applies a methodical six step process involving extensive research and communication directly with clients, from interviewing to presenting.

Atenga relies on Telzio for voice, SMS, and an integrated mobile app to stay connected from anywhere.

Sjofors works closely with each of his clients, and is regularly in touch with clients over the phone. Sjofors states:

Direct communication with clients is of utmost importance in the way we conduct our business. Each case is unique, and the feedback we receive from clients is critical in forming our research and ultimately our recommendations.

Telzio delivers Atenga voice and SMS services along with a number of benefits including:

  • mobility,
  • high definition call quality,
  • 100% uptime, and
  • flexibility.

Atenga counts on Telzio for consistent, HD quality phone calls and a modern, intuitive platform for managing their system. Here are some of the advantages Atenga gains with Telzio.

Mobility with Phones

Telzio is compatible across devices, so Sjofors and his team can seamlessly switch between using desk phones, softphones, and Telzio’s mobile app. With the flexibility to switch between devices, they gain the ability to work from anywhere and stay connected to business calls while traveling between meetings.

The latest Telzio mobile app – iOS 10 update makes it even easier for the team to answer calls on-the-go. Regarding the update, Sjofors says:

I absolutely love the new iOS 10 update – it’s reliable and extremely fast.

Seamless Transition and Number Porting

Prior to Telzio, Atenga tried various VoIP services and hosted PBX solutions, but ultimately found Telzio to provide the best quality and prices. Transitioning from a previous provider proved to be quick and frictionless, as Telzio provides:

  • ready-to-use IP phones,
  • phenomenal customer support,
  • zero downtime while porting numbers, and
  • instant configuration through the website.

Existing IP phones can most often also be used with Telzio, reducing the cost to switch. Any SIP compatible phones including Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, and Grandstream all work with Telzio.

Regarding the switch to Telzio, Sjofors says:

The transition to Telzio from our previous provider was effortless. From porting numbers to setting up users, Telzio’s web interface made it a simple and fast experience.

Sjofors chose to order pre-configured IP phones from Telzio’s shop, and received them ready-for-calling in a few days. Telzio’s support was able to recommend the right model and brand for their needs and budget, and subsequently configured their users/extensions accordingly with each phone.

Zero Hardware Required

Beyond desk phones, there was no additional hardware to purchase to start using Telzio. Telzio provides a fully hosted PBX solution and runs entirely on Atenga’s existing internet service.

With Telzio’s hosted phone system, Atenga doesn’t have to worry about maintenance or updates, as all upgrades are delivered instantly through the cloud.

Free User-to-User Conferencing

Atenga’s team relies on internal communication as well as client communication and thus benefits from Telzio’s free user-to-user calling. Users can call other users and conference in multiple extensions at no additional cost.

With free user-to-user calls, Atenga’s team can rely on unlimited talk time regardless of their location.

Users can be in any location and connect via an IP phone, softphone, or the mobile app. Based in Woodland Hills, Atenga serves clients all over the country and thus the team travels and works remotely on a regular basis. Despite physical location, they can stay connected to their business calls and their team.

Simplicity and Support

When it came to the overall user and customer service experience, Sjofors says:

The ease-of-use and quality of Telzio’s service has exceeded our expectations, and when we do have an occasional question, the support staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Telzio prides itself on modern design and delivering a simple interface that is highly functional and pragmatic. Given the ease-of-use and reliable uptime, customer support issues are kept to a minimum, enabling companies like Atenga to set up and manage phone systems quickly and instantly.

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