Call Monitoring: Listen to Agent Calls Live

Telzio enables your managers to listen in on agent calls, giving you more quality control over your training and customer service experience. The Call Monitoring feature is included for free as part of your Telzio service.

Managers can start monitoring an agent call instantly, no matter where the agent is located. This gives your business more flexibility and quality assurance with remote agents.

How to Enable Call Monitoring for a User

To enable the feature, simply add the Permission for the desired Users.

  1. Navigate to your Users page
  2. Select the User
  3. Under Permissions, select Monitor Calls

Call Monitoring

How to Monitor Calls

Users who have Permission can actively listen to any other agents’ calls without being heard.

From your Telzio device, dial 000 + the extension of the agent you wish to monitor.

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Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.