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Jennifer Chen

April 24, 2017

Call Monitoring: Listen to Agent Calls Live

Call monitoring tools enhance training and quality control for call centers. Learn how to monitor calls with Call Whisper and Call Barge.

Call center monitoring and agent performance is truly enhanced with Telzio's call monitoring features. Not only can you record calls for playback later, you can also monitor calls live while they are happening. Managers can take advantage of contact center tools like Call Whisper and Call Barge, which enable training on customer service calls in real time.

Managers can start monitoring an agent call instantly, no matter where the agent is located. This gives your business more flexibility and quality assurance with remote agents.

With our live call monitoring tools, managers can provide hands-on training to call center agents, and ensure quality control. Agents are able to receive hands-on training during live phone calls, and ultimately, this leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Telzio offers a suite of call monitoring features that are sophisticated yet easy-to-use.

Using call whisperbarge, a manager can join a call and coach the agent without being heard by the customer. You can take it one step further and into the call, where both the customer and agent can hear you.

With your Telzio phone system, these call center software features are included at no extra cost.

  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Whisper
  • Call Barge
  • Call Recording
  • Call Screening
  • Live Reports

In this article, we’ll explain how each feature works.

What is Call Whisper?

Call Whisper is a call center feature that enables managers to speak to the agent on a live call without the customer hearing. Call Whisper can be an effective hands-on training tool to get new hires up and running. It’s like a safety net. Agents can start fielding calls and a manager can be on standby to ensure the customer’s needs are met. It serves the purpose of training and quality assurance.

What is Call Barge?

Call Barge is a call center feature that enables managers to barge into a live call to speak to both the customer and the agent. Barging into a call may be necessary when the customer service issue is beyond the agent’s realm. Call barging is a more proactive effort, where a manager can be pulled into a call without the customer having to be put on hold while the agent does a transfer or conference call.

What is Call Screening?

Call Screening is sometimes referred to as a whisper message. Call Screening enables agents to know which phone number or marketing campaign the caller has dialed. When the agent answers the call, they'll hear an announcement, i.e. "You have a call from the sales line. Press 1 to accept." Having this information helps the agent screen calls and answer appropriately.

Caller ID Screening

Another way to screen calls is with Telzio’s caller ID preference setting. You can set the caller ID to display the caller's number, or the phone number the caller has dialed (your number). This helps the agent identify where the caller has dialed and how to answer the phone.

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How to Whisper on Calls

dial 000 + the extension

When the call is connected, you’ll first be in listen mode, where no one can hear you.

Press 5 to switch over to whisper mode.

To ensure the security and privacy of calls, only authorized users can monitor calls. You can set user permissions so that only certain individuals have the ability to monitor calls.

How to Barge into Calls

You can switch between listen, whisper, and barge anytime during the call using the keypad.

Dial 000 + the extension

Then press 6 to barge into the call.

Call Monitoring Commands:

  • Listen - Press 4
  • Whisper - Press 5
  • Barge - Press 6

Pressing 5 will take you back to whisper mode, and pressing 4 will put you on mute so you can only listen and not be heard.

Use Live Reports to Monitor Agents

A good place to start monitoring calls is in the Live Reports section of your Telzio Dashboard. In Live Reports you'll see a list of agents and their current status (on a call, available, or offline). When you see that an agent is on a call, you can dial in from your phone to start monitoring the call.

If you know an agent has a call scheduled and may require some coaching, you can dial in to start monitoring anytime after the call has started.

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Tag and Save Call Recordings

In addition to the real-time monitoring and call barging features, you can record calls for future training purposes. Use our tagging tools to mark the calls that you want to use for training, so you can easily find them later on your Dashboard.

You can also download the recordings onto your computer and save them in a folder. Using the Telzio API, you can download recordings automatically into a drive.

And, there's no charge for call recording with Telzio.

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How to Enable Call Monitoring for a User

To enable the feature, simply add the Permission for the desired Users.

  1. Navigate to Users on your Telzio Dashboard
  2. Select the User
  3. Under PermissionsMonitor Calls, select
Whether you’re training in real time or recording calls for review later, Telzio provides essential call monitoring tools to enhance training capabilities for call center teams. You can take advantage of all or one of the different features. They're all included, so it's easy to implement them as your business grows.

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