Set up a Conference Call in 3 Steps

Set up a Conference Call in 3 Steps

Hosting a conference call is easy, and can be accomplished with a few clicks. In this article, we’ll walk through how to set up a conference call step-by-step. If you’ve never hosted a conference call before, don’t worry. You don’t need any technical skills. All you need is a computer or laptop, and an internet connection. 

Follow these steps to set up a conference call: 

  1. Log into Telzio and add a Conference to your Call Flow. 
  2. Review the default greeting and update if desired. 
  3. Provide participants with the dial-in number and PIN. 

How to set up a conference call

With Telzio you can host multiple different conference calls on a single phone number at the same time. Since there’s no limit to the number of simultaneous calls that can be going on a single phone number, you can host teleconferences without affecting the rest of your calls. 

If you have an existing phone number, you can port it to Telzio with no downtime. You can also get a new phone number from Telzio and start using it for teleconferencing instantly. 

We'll go over some of the different options for setting up conference call services, further down in this article. 

Benefits of Hosting a Conference Call with Telzio 

  • Excellent audio quality 
  • Free internal conferencing 
  • Easy set up - no hardware or software needed 
  • Unlimited conference bridges included 
  • Free call recording included 
  • Flexibility to add, modify, and remove conference bridges
  • No hard limit to the number of participants 
  • Local and toll free numbers from 60+ countries 
  • Encrypted calls and recordings 

What is a Conference Bridge?

A conference bridge is a phone line that enables multiple callers to dial in and automatically join a call by entering a PIN code. You can think of a conference bridge as a virtual meeting room where people can call in and participate in a phone conference anytime. 

Conference Call Services are Better with VoIP

There are several benefits to using VoIP for audio conferencing

From the callers’ perspective, it’s no different than dialing into a traditional teleconference. They simply dial the phone number, and enter the PIN code to gain access into the call. No issues there. 

From the host’s perspective, it’s extremely easy to set up a conference bridge. Any user or employee (who has been granted access), can go online and create a conference bridge in a matter of seconds. This is quite a contrast to traditional phone systems, which requires a technician to make any kind of change to the system, let alone add a teleconference service.  

Most conference call services set a limit to the number of attendees that can be in a conference call. These limits range from 10 to 1,000 participants. VoIP is much more flexible in this regard. 

From the business owner’s perspective, these capabilities provide substantial cost savings, and enable employees to be more productive. Technically, every employee could have their own dedicated conference bridge, and it would not increase the cost of your phone service. 

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Free Internal Conference Calling for Employees

With Telzio, internal calling (extension to extension) is always free, and that includes calling into company conference lines. To set up free teleconferencing for internal use, just give your conference bridge an extension. 

How to Set up a Teleconference for Internal Use

Instead of dialing the phone number to be connected to the conference call, users can call the extension of the conference bridge directly. 

To give your conference bridge an extension, go to the Call Flow where your bridge lives, and click on the settings where you can enter an extension. 

Then, have your employees dial that extension from any Telzio phone to join the teleconference. Employees in any location can dial in from their IP phone, the Telzio Webphone and/or the Telzio Mobile App

Keep in mind that call recording is included at no additional cost with your Telzio service, and you can enable call recording for any of your users. This enables hosts to record and store a recording of the conference call, which can then be shared with other employees. 

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3 Ways to Add a Conference Bridge to Your Phone Number 

Telzio offers maximum flexibility when it comes to setting up your phone system with conferencing features. Here are a few different ways you can implement telephone conferencing. 

Use a phone number as a dedicated conference line 

If you frequently host conference calls, you may want to dedicate a phone number specifically for this purpose. This is how traditional conference call services work. You get a special conference number that can be shared with others, along with a PIN to gain access into the “virtual conference room”. 

Follow these steps to set up a dedicated conference line: 

  1. Port your existing phone number, or choose a new phone number from Telzio. 
  2. Create a Call Flow, and add a Conference. Give your Call Flow an easy name to remember, like “Conference Line”. 
  3. Assign the Call Flow to the phone number. 

Create an option in the phone menu to join a conference call 

If your incoming calls are being routed to a phone menu, you can create an option in the phone menu for callers to connect to a conference call. For example “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, or press 3 to join a conference call.” 

Follow these steps to add a conference bridge to your phone menu: 

  1. Navigate to your Call Flow. 
  2. Open the phone menu, and mark the appropriate number on the dial pad. 
  3. Once you update, you’ll see a new route for the option you just created. Add a Conference there. 

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Add multiple conference bridges on a single phone number

If you need to create multiple conference bridges for different teams, you can do that all on the same phone number. Participants will all call into the same phone number and be routed to different conference rooms depending on the PIN they enter. 

Follow these steps to create multiple conference bridges on a phone number: 

  1. Create a Call Flow, and add a Conference. 
  2. In the Conference settings, click Add Room. 
  3. Edit the PIN and room names if desired. 

Conference bridges

Set up a conference call now with a free trial from Telzio.  


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