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Diana Chu

February 21, 2018

Earn 100% Commission with the Telzio Affiliate Program

Telzio Affiliates earn 100% commission up to $10,000 cash per referral. Get a personalized link and earn by sharing the world's leading business phone system with your network today.

Many new customers find us through your endorsements, and that’s a gift that keeps on giving. To return the favor for all the word-of-mouth business you give us, we’ve launched an affiliate program where we send you a check for each new customer you send us.

When you sign up as a Telzio Affiliate, you get a personalized link that you can share with your network. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, text, or good old fashioned email, you can share your referral link over and over again. Any person that signs up for a Telzio account using your referral link will be traced back to you.

Telzio Affiliates earn 100% commission on the first 3 months up to $10,000 for each new customer.

You don’t have to be a Telzio customer to be an affiliate, and it only takes a minute to get your referral link. There’s no limit to the amount of cash you can earn, so keep the referrals coming!

Learn more about the Affiliate program here.

What’s the difference between being a Telzio Affiliate and a Telzio Reseller Partner?

Telzio Affiliates are not responsible for the sales or support of Telzio customers. Aside from promoting their own referral link, and we handle all the sales and customer service.

Telzio Reseller Partners are professional IT companies that handle the sales and support of Telzio customers. Resellers can manage customer accounts and are the first point of contact for customer service.

Affiliates earn a commission on the initial period of each new customer, whereas Reseller Partners earn an ongoing commission for the lifetime of the customer.

Learn more about the Telzio Reseller Program here.

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