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Thomas Han

Thomas Han

Thomas has an education in electrical engineering and background in software development.

Google Voice Alternative for Business

November 9, 2014

Google Voice officially launched in March of 2009. Although there was a lot of excitement surrounding the launch, there were also plenty of bugs within the original version of the product. And while Google has put a lot of effort into developing their Android platform over the last five years, Google Voice has not received the same amount of attention.

The reality of Google Voice is even though it’s a great concept, the company’s execution of this product has been far from optimal. Add to that the fact that Google has a history of shutting down products like Google Reader despite widespread usage, and Voice simply isn’t something that any business should depend on for their communication needs.

Google Voice Doesn’t Cut It for Businesses

The first big shortcoming of Google Voice is its lack of proper VoIP Support. The second issue is that it’s not compatible with many third-party devices. Third, Google Voice has very limited call forwarding and voicemail options. Not only can this be frustrating for a single user, but for a business with numerous employees, trying to get callers connected with the right people is nearly impossible. Finally, Google Voice doesn’t offer a direct phone support contact number. While individuals can ask for help in the official Google Groups forum, questions may take days to be answered or never receive a response.

Why Telzio is the Google Voice Alternative That Businesses Trust

Unlike Google Voice, Telzio offers full VoIP Support (SIP). Simply connect to an IP phone or softphone and make calls to anywhere in the world directly from your number. Being in the clouds lets you take advantage of local rates on international calls. Telzio also gives you full control over call forwarding, custom calls flows and IVR menus. This means that you don’t ever have to worry about missing an important call. It also means that regardless of how big your business is, callers can easily get in touch with the right department.

In addition to the long list of other options that Telzio provides, the single feature that matters most to businesses is Telzio’s fanatical support. Because your phone system is a key component of your business, being able to resolve any issue that comes up as quickly as possible is invaluable. With Telzio, you get the highest quality of support through your choice of chat, email or phone.

While Google Voice was an innovative idea when it debuted back in 2009, Google hasn’t made it a priority. As a result, businesses deserve a Google Voice alternative that’s built for their specific needs. And with Telzio’s professional VoIP phone system, businesses can get exactly what they need with no contracts and no hidden fees.