How to Set Up a Home Office Phone System

Setting up a home office phone system is easy and can be done instantly online. A business phone system will make your home based business sound professional and help you manage your business calls more efficiently.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to set up an automated greeting with extensions, business hours, call forwarding, voicemail, etc. With a cloud based phone system, you can customize and edit features according to your business needs anytime online.

Here’s how easy it is to set up a home office phone system:

1. Choose a Phone Number

Start by choosing a local phone number, a toll free number or both. Get a new phone number or port an existing number if you already have a business phone line.  Next you will need to create a call flow to attach to your business phone number, instructing the system how to handle incoming calls.

Ecommerce and international trade businesses can get multiple local and international phone numbers and assign each number to the same or different call flows.

2. Set Business Hours

If you have certain business hours and want to handle calls differently during different times of the day, then set opening hours as needed. From there, you can create different instructions for each set of opening hours.

3. Record an Automated Greeting

The automated greeting will be the first thing your callers hear when they reach your business during opening hours. Record instructions for your callers to direct them to the right place.

4. Create a Menu

Select options for your callers to dial by keypad, assigning 1 to sales, 2 to accounting, etc. Enter the call forwarding details under each option for wherever you want that call to go, whether it’s your cell phone or your business partner’s home phone line.

5. Record a Voicemail Greeting

Record a voicemail greeting when callers reach your business during closed hours and when you miss a call. Enter the email where you want your voicemails sent and hear your messages online.

6. Set Up a Phone

Forward calls to any phone number including cell phones and landlines, or set up an IP phone or smartphone to make and receive calls directly from your VoIP phone number. Check these blog posts to learn more: “How to Set Up an IP Phone” and “How to Make VoIP Calls From Your Cell Phone“.

While there are an infinite number of ways you could set up a business phone system, the preceding steps will get you to a fully functional and professional business phone system, no matter the size or location of your business. See Common Setups for Small Business Phone Systems about easy to setup phone systems for small and home offices.

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.