How to Make 911 Calls with VoIP

Telzio provides E911 service where you can make emergency calls from your VoIP phone system. Contrary to a landline service that is tied to one location, VoIP phones can be used from anywhere. As such, it’s important to register your address with the E911 service so that dispatch can know your location.

In this article, you'll learn how to enable 911 calling from your VoIP phones.

What is E911?

E911, or Enhanced 911, is simply the modern day 911 service. E911 is the system used in the US to automate location information to emergency dispatchers. The original 911 service only connected a caller to the local police station, but no address location was provided. Since 911 service launched in 1968, the whole process has improved and evolved into the E911 system to include the caller's physical location information. VoIP and 911 service have come a long way.

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E911 is Critical for All Businesses

When an emergency call is made to 911, the operator generally asks the caller to confirm their address. In some cases the caller may not be able to provide the address, because they don't know it or they're unable to speak. Registering with E911 service in advance will ensure the dispatcher has your location information.

It's important to note that 911 service does not work on your VoIP phones unless you activate the E911 feature. Your location information does not automatically register with the emergency services database when you purchase your phone numbers. You must manually supply the location information. The address associated with your account does not necessarily have to be the same address used for E911. If you have multiple offices and remote employees, you may want to use a different address for each phone number.

Enabling E911 Service

Registering E911 service for your business VoIP phones can be done easily with Telzio. We strongly recommend that all your phone numbers have E911 service enabled.

You can enable E911 in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the phone number on the Plans & Numbers page.
  2. Click Enable under E911 Emergency Service.
  3. Enter the address associated with that phone number.
  4. Dial 933 to test that the 911 calling capability is working.

Visit the E911 Support Page for the full step-by-step guide.

Calling 911 During an Outage

You can still make VoIP calls on your Telzio phone system during a power or internet outage with our mobile app. You can even keep your VoIP phones running during an outage with a backup power supply.

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