How to Set Up a Phone Queue

Phone queues are virtual lines where callers wait to speak to an agent, and Telzio provides an easy web solution for setting them up.

Businesses use phone queues to handle incoming calls, particularly for customer support lines and call center environments.

Unlimited phone queues are included
for all numbers with Telzio, and can be set up, customized, and managed on our website.

This overview will outline how to set up phone queues with Telzio in three general steps.

Choosing Phone Numbers

The first step is to identify which of your phone numbers needs a queue. Queues can be added to any phone number.

To use Telzio’s queue feature, start by choosing a local, toll free, or international phone number, or porting an existing phone number.

Hosting phone numbers with Telzio enables:

  • multiple phone numbers to be managed under the same account,
  • instant and easy activation of new features and users, and
  • unlimited customization and use of features.

Telzio features are available on-demand and easy to configure. Telzio allows unlimited queues, unlimited callers, unlimited voicemail, and unlimited agents to be added to a system.

You can add multiple queues to a phone number, and support unlimited callers in the queue.

The next step is enabling the phone queue feature, by adding it to a call flow.

Adding a Queue

To add a Queue to your phone system, navigate to your Call Flows, and simply add the Queue in the desired Flow by clicking on the feature to open and edit its settings.

You can send callers directly to a queue, or first route them through an automated menu. When there’s no one available to answer calls, you can then route calls to any other destination such as a voicemail or another department.

Customizing the Queue

You can customize Queue settings, including:

  • recording all calls from the queue,
  • offering callers the callback option,
  • announcements for callers on their place in the queue, and
  • announcements for agents on callers’ hold times and reason for calling.

Enabling announcements for callers and agents is usually a good idea. Giving callers an idea of their estimated wait time will improve the waiting experience, and offering a callback will save them time.

What callers hear when they reach the queue:

Your call is next in line, and will be answered by the next available representative.

What agents hear before each call from the queue:

Call from sales. Hold time: under one minute.

The Queue title can be customized to any name, to let agents know where the call is coming from and to help you identify Queues in your Call Flow. For agents handling calls from different departments, naming Queues is especially helpful.

For example, incoming callers might first be greeted with a menu, with four options for sales, support, billing, and other. An agent can be assigned to all four of these departments, and will hear the appropriate announcement before they answer a call.

Each queue can be named and customized individually, similar to call flows. All changes are live instantly and can be tested by dialing the extension of the call flow.


Our goal is to make our interface as simple and straightforward as possible, to make managing everything easy while providing all the critical features. If you need help with any of our features, please let us know!

For our full support guide on the queue feature, please visit our support pages.

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.