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Diana Chu

April 10, 2016

TITLE Boxing Club Improves Communication with Telzio

See why TITLE Boxing Club switched their business phone system from Jive to Telzio.

Telzio’s latest customer success story comes out of Scottsdale, Arizona, where a franchisee of the international fitness chain TITLE Boxing Club ultimately had no choice but to venture away from their initial VoIP provider for imposing lengthy contracts and random fees.

When the local gym opened its doors, management first signed up with Jive to provide their phone system. After experiencing the high costs and headaches with Jive, the local club knew there had to be a better solution. Additionally, they were being pushed into long term contracts, which ultimately motivated them to find a new provider.

It was in fact a local member of the gym who spread the word of Telzio to management. After testing the system, it was easy to see that setting up and managing a new phone system with Telzio would be worlds easier and much more cost effective.

“Prior to Telzio, the VoIP provider first selected by our franchise charged us hundreds per month through a long-term contract. We turned to Telzio and received better service, at a fraction of the price without the nonsense about contracts or other unnecessary complexities. Our communication has improved drastically along with our members’ satisfaction!”

– Gabriella Estrella, General Manager of Title Boxing Club, Scottsdale, AZ

The first step in switching phone systems was to port the club’s existing phone number from the previous provider over to Telzio. This is done by submitting a porting request form online with Telzio.

Telzio can process portings in 24 hours in most cases. With Jive, it took a few days, but as with all cases, Telzio’s support went above and beyond to assist in getting the number transferred as quickly as possible.

The next step was to set up the call flow, or the route of incoming calls, using Telzio’s easy-to-use interface.

Through Telzio, businesses like TITLE Boxing Club and its franchisees have the ability to set up, modify, and add features to their phone system instantly, even with little technical knowledge.

Telzio’s call flow editor includes features like opening hours, IVR menus, call forwarding, voicemail, and conference rooms, and can be configured and customized to fit the business. One of the features the Scottsdale club found value in is the IVR menu, where callers can find information on class schedules, and the club can easily and instantly update recordings with new schedules.

Finally, Telzio delivered a ready-to-use Grandstream GXP IP phone to the club to handle calls. With their existing internet connection, the club was able to plug in the new IP phone and start making and receiving calls immediately.

While Telzio can be used without an IP phone, management at TITLE found having a desk phone easy and accessible. Other options with Telzio would be to use Telzio’s mobile app, or a softphone.

Not only has TITLE Boxing Club of Scottsdale drastically reduced their costs and increased their quality of phone service, members are more satisfied with the level of communication, service, and information they’re receiving via the new phone system. As the first point of contact for potential new members, Telzio enables the local club to sound more professional and accessible.