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Get the free Telzio mobile app for iPhone and Android and take your VoIP phone system with you anywhere you go.

Telzio's mobile app enables you to make and receive calls with your business phone number. Take your business calls on your mobile phone, and get the same features you get from an IP phone.

Available for iPhone and Android, Telzio's mobile app is free to download.

Telzio for iPhone

Key Features

  • Inbound and outbound calling with your Telzio phone number
  • Conference calling
  • Hold
  • Call recording
  • Access to personal contact book
  • Calling through data or cellular network
  • Call transferring to other extensions or external phone numbers
  • Call waiting
  • Speed dial

Take Productivity to the Next Level

Call Out

Make outbound calls from your Telzio phone number, and call other extensions for free no matter where you are. Telzio's app has the same features as an IP phone. Call using either your data connection (3G/4G/LTE) or your cellular network.

Save Battery

Unlike other softphones, the Telzio app can receive calls even when closed on your iPhone. Get notified about an incoming call via push notifications and save battery in stand-by mode.

No Data Usage

By using the callback function, you can call out with your Telzio phone number using your cellular network. The call will first connect from Telzio to your mobile number and then call the number you want to reach. The person you're calling will see your Telzio number as the caller ID.

Hold & Transfer

With Telzio's app for iPhone and Android, you get the same features as with IP phones. Place calls on hold, transfer them to other extensions or phone numbers, and start conference calls.

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Free Download For iPhone & Android

NOTICE: The Telzio mobile app requires an active Telzio account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I log in to the mobile app?

    Log into the app with the user you have created in your Telzio account and you can immediately start making calls. See How to Set Up Telzio's Mobile Softphone App for help.

  2. Does the app cost anything?

    No. Telzio's app is free to download.

  3. What shows up as my caller ID?

    Your Telzio phone number will show up as your caller ID when dialing out from the app. You can set caller ID preferences for your user and choose which Telzio number you want to display as your caller ID.

  4. Does it work on my data plan or cellular network?

    You can set Telzio's app to make calls using either your data plan or your cellular network.

  5. How much data does it take to make a call?

    A VoIP phone call uses around 128 kb/s.

  6. Can I login with my user on multiple devices?

    Yes. You can login with the same user on both your IP phone and your mobile app. Incoming calls will ring both devices at the same time. You can create additional users for free if you want to create custom hunt groups and forward calls to multiple devices in sequential order.

  7. Can I set up voicemail?

    Yes. You can manage your voicemail directly in the app by dialing your extension.

  8. Can I start recording calls in the middle of a call?

    Yes. You can start recording calls anytime after a call has been initiated by pressing the Record button on the app.

  9. Can I transfer calls?

    Yes. You can transfer live calls by using the Transfer button in the app and dialing the extension.

  10. How do minutes work?

    Calling with the mobile app uses the same minutes on your Telzio plan as with an IP phone, but separate data charges from your cell phone carrier may apply. Using the callback function to make Telzio calls through your cellular network counts as two phone calls, because the system is dialing your mobile number first then making a second outbound call to the desired destination.