Top 3 Best VoIP Phones for Small Business Users

Switching your business phone system to VoIP means that you’ll need to purchase IP phones to work with your new phone service. As long as the phone is SIP compatible, you can use it with your Telzio VoIP phone system.

Most IP phones have similar standard features – PoE, multiple lines, programmable buttons, QoS and echo cancellation. Brands like Cisco and Polycom are known for having excellent sound quality and stability, while brands like Grandstream have more modern and user-friendly interfaces. While there are other lesser-known brands and overseas manufacturers in the IP phone industry, you may experience more issues and a lack of support when it comes to these newcomers.

Here we’ll break down our choices for the 3 best VoIP phones for small business users among the top IP phone makers.

1. Grandstream GXP2160

The Grandstream GXP2160 is our favorite IP phone for small businesses. It has a reasonable price point at $132, an LCD color display, 6 lines and 24 busy lamp fields. This means that you can handle up to 6 calls simultaneously on the phone and also see who’s available or on a call, called “presence”.

2. Cisco SPA504G

Cisco is the most recognized and popular brand of all IP phones. You might notice them being used in many offices, big and small. It’s a standard, reliable phone.

The Cisco SPA504G is a step up from the widely-used Cisco SPA303. The price for this model is $199 and it has 4 lines. There is no presence capability on the phone itself, unless you purchase an expansion module.

3. Polycom SoundPoint IP550

Polycom is another well-known brand that is better for conference phones, but also has small business IP phones. The Polycom SoundPoint IP550 is along that line with a higher price point of $259. Like the Cisco 504G, it has 4 lines.


Cisco and Polycom have more years behind them and deliver better sound quality and stability, but Grandstream is very close in comparison. When you take into consideration the features, design and price, the Grandstream GXP2160 is the best VoIP phone for small businesses.

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