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Ron Callari

July 8, 2014

VoIP Phone Service For Marketers

How leading marketing agencies are using VoIP to power hotlines and boost branding power.

VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol) as a marketing firm’s telephone option has been prompted by the widespread adoption of integrated-based Web solutions and the rise of market leaders in the VoIP space, such as Telzio, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber. From image to cost-savings, there are a number of features and benefits which marketing companies find a perfect fit for their operations.


The competition for companies that provide marketing services is steep. To distinguish one’s self, CEOs have to consistently look for ways to present their companies in the best light. While the success of a business is based on its quality of product and service, presenting an image of professionalism, know-how and sophistication is just as important. So with every change to a firm’s operation, owners need to ask themselves, will this improve by brand image?

Technology is one way to distinguish your marketing firm from the pack. It not only sends a message to clientele that your firm is tech savvy, but it also enhances their image when they align themselves to companies, which are cutting-edge.

Installing a VoIP service will help businesses project an elevated image and in some instances appear larger than they are — which can help overcome the resistance some customers have in working with smaller marketing firms.


Conference calls allow multiple callers to dial in to the same phone call for virtual phone meetings. Since marketing firms have shifted a lot of their face-to-face presentations to online virtual presentations, a VoIP system can take the traditional audio conference to the next level, where participants can exchange files, sync calendars, assign new accounts, review job responsibilities and communicate via video.

Telzio allows companies to create an unlimited number of simultaneous conference calls for a single phone number. You can also create an extension in your IVR (interactive voice response) menu that first connects callers to the automated greeting prior to connecting them to the conference call.


Since VoIP phone calls are made and received via an Internet connection versus an analog landline, switching to VoIP allows access to more features at a lower cost. This includes an auto attendant, call routing, voicemail, fax-to-email and much more dependent on the VoIP provider. With business VoIP, small businesses have access to sophisticated telephone features that, in the past, only big businesses could afford.

Marketing firms can install and set-up Telzio in less than 5 minutes, and at a fraction of the cost of some of the other VoIP services. It also eliminates the need for the third party installation required by telecom companies. With Telzio, there is no extra fees for additional users or extensions, and they bundle each plan with all the same features, so there’s no confusion as to what services are included.

ROI on Ad Campaigns

Marketing agencies are in the business of proving out case studies that demonstrate a high return on investment (ROI) for their clients as well as their own firms.

With a VoIP system, it’s exceedingly easy to track a specific ad campaign. For instance, VoIP can provide the firm with an unlimited number of local phones numbers that can be routed back to one central number. In turn, each ad can contain a different phone number associated with a geographic region, specific magazine or TV advertisement, or countless other breakdowns that will show over time which medium or territory produced the best results.

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Customer Support

VoIP providers can assist marketing firms with technical problems much quicker than traditional phone companies, because they are familiar with how to deliver web-based solutions. Who hasn’t heard the horror stories regarding troubled landline connections including the delays associated with technicians having to be sent to your place of business, days later?

Instead of navigating a complicated customer service interface and getting a technician on site, an owner or staff member can quickly access customer service representatives using the Internet. VoIP providers are also capable of responding to changes in the market much faster than traditional providers, who are still working with outdated hardware and infrastructure.


VoIP is increasingly popular with marketing firms who hire staff members to work in remote locations. As long as there’s a broadband connection, it’s easy to connect with human resource assets no matter where they are located globally.

Companies like 123 EDI and Reef and Rainforest chose VoIP precisely so their talented employees can work anywhere in the world, without ever feeling like they’re isolated or separated from the home office.

Global connections are also important on the client side of the equation. Radford Harrell, founder of the talent-marketing agency, Talent Soup sees Telzio as the “perfect solution. . . to stay in touch with the thousands of talent (his company serves) coast-to-coast.”

Bottom Line

By choosing a VoIP system for your marketing firm, at the end of the day, you will be distinguishing your business in the marketplace. Your competitive advantage will be enhanced markedly by improving your brand image, cost-savings, ROI, while being able to work remotely and collaborate with your staff instantaneously without skipping a beat.

Isn’t it time for you to start checking out a VoIP service for your marketing firm?