Configure IVR menus to greet and route callers to the right place.


IVR Menus

Configure IVR menus as a simple auto-attendant or with multiple menu levels to greet and route callers to the right place.


IVR Menu
  • Customize greetings with menu options (i.e. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support)
  • Update recordings anytime with special announcements or current information
  • Record directly through your computer mic or upload an audio file
  • Direct keypad prompts to any action such as call forwarding, an extensions directory, a conference call, voicemail or another menu
  • Create unlimited menus and submenus for departments, offices and campaigns


  • Flexible inbound call routing to any extension or external phone number
  • Easy-to-use call flow editor to make instant changes
  • Custom settings so callers can go back to the previous menu, hear the greeting repeated or wait for the operator
  • Intuitive interface with visual overview of call flows and menu options
  • Business hour filters to deploy different menus

Overview of Using Telzio's Small Business VoIP System

Frequently Asked Questions About IVR Menus

Is there a default recording for IVR menus?

There is no default recording because all IVR menus are unique. You specify the options and instructions for your callers based on your business. You can also eliminate telephone prompts all together and use menus to deliver messages to your callers before connecting them to a destination.

What file format do I use to upload my greeting?

MP3 requirements: 44000 khz, 96-192 kbps
WAV requirements: 44000 khz

Can I order a professional greeting from Telzio?

Telzio offers professional speaks for $1 per word with a $20 minimum. Send your script to to place an order. Recordings take about 5 to 7 business days.

How many IVR menus can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of menus and submenus.

Can I direct callers to my cell phone through an IVR menu?

You can set up call forwarding as a menu option and direct calls to any phone number, including cell phones. See Call Forwarding to learn more about this feature.