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Diana Chu

Diana Chu

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.

What are USF Fees?

February 19, 2018

Universal Service Fund (USF) fees are imposed by the FCC on telecommunications companies, and intended to ensure that everyone in the U.S. has access to telephone services. USF fees change quarterly and can be found on the FCC website.

The proposed USF fee for Q4 2019 is 25%.

Who pays USF Fees?

All telephone service companies, including landline, wireless, and VoIP providers, are required to pay USF fees.

How are USF Fees calculated?

The FCC calculates USF fees as a percentage (aka Contribution Factor) based on the needs of the Universal Service Programs. The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is responsible for collecting information and fees from phone companies and reporting back to the FCC. The USAC is the appointed administrator, while the FCC determines policies and fees.

Historial USF Fee ScheduleYearQuarterRate20181Q19.5%20171Q16.7%2Q17.4%3Q17.1%4Q18.8%