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Jennifer Chen

April 13, 2018

10 VoIP Features to Improve Your Customer Service Calls

VoIP features are easy to configure through your Telzio Dashboard. These 10 features can be implemented into your VoIP phone system within minutes to enhance your customer service.

VoIP features are easy to configure through your Telzio Dashboard. These 10 features can be implemented into your VoIP phone system within minutes to enhance your customer service.

1. IVR Menu

A modern VoIP system enables you to update your menu options and greeting anytime. With Telzio's visual call flow editor, the configuration can be done in minutes, so you can always keep your greetings and information current. Telzio's groundbreaking text-to-speech voice even enables you to create human-like voices for your auto attendant on the spot, without having to do a manual recording.

2. Live Call Reports

Live Call Reports

3. Call Analytics

Get important statistics about your call activity such as hold times, missed calls, and most active agents. Get a broad overview of your call activity, or narrow it down to certain dates and call queues.

Further, call logs show you even more detailed analysis of what happened on each specific call. You can see what steps callers are taking in your IVR menu, and how the call was concluded. Did the caller hang up? How long were they on hold for? Which agent answered the call?

4. Custom Hold Music

Hold music lets callers know that their call is being connected, and makes the hold time more pleasant. Upload your own audio files, or choose from a variety of genres of Telzio hold music, from jazz to optimistic. With custom hold music, you can insert a special announcement, i.e. “We’re connecting you to an agent now. Did you know that you can also chat with us on our website? We’re online 7 days a week. Thanks for holding! We’ll be with you in just a moment.”

5. Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring enables your managers to jump in on active calls for training and quality assurance. You can listen in, whisper to the agent, or even barge into the call. User permissions enable you to give specific Users on your phone system call monitoring capabilities for security. And, managers can monitor calls from any location.

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6. Call Recording

Record calls on your customer service lines and/or agent extensions, and find all the recordings online. Enable supervisors to review call recordings and make sure your customers are receiving the best customer service possible. With a cloud phone system from Telzio, you can store unlimited call recordings at no extra cost.

7. Remote Users

Offering callers the option to speak to a live operator is a must for good customer service, but it might not always make sense for your business to have a full-time operator in the office 24/7. With Telzio, you can create hunt groups and route calls to agents in any location on our mobile app, webphone, desk phones, and softphones, enabling you to enlist an answering service or freelance staff to field customer service calls from anywhere.

8. Business Hours

You can set filters by business hours and create different routing rules depending on the day and time. You can set up different schedules and instantly modify the schedules online as needed. Any changes to your phone system, including business hour filters, take into affect immediately.

9. Business SMS

Giving customers the option to text your business demonstrates that your brand is current and up-to-date on communication methods. You can route incoming text messages to any person or group, on their desk and mobile devices. Users can respond via their device, or log into the Dashboard to add internal comments and re-assign text messages to other Users.

10. Toll Free and International Phone Numbers

You may have customers trying to call you from out of state and even out of the country. You can instantly add toll free numbers and local numbers from over 60 countries right through your Dashboard. You can then route calls on those numbers to Users in any location. You can make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls on your international numbers, no matter what country you’re in.

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