Monitor call center agents in real time.

Training and managing customer service teams is more effective with call monitoring. Managers can listen in, whisper to agents, and barge into live calls to ensure quality standards are being met.

An example of a supervisor having access to others calls.

Quality assurance for contact centers

Maximize training and monitor agent performance on your customer service lines.

  • Join another extension's call from any device
  • Talk to agents without the customer knowing
  • Avoid transferring the caller around and resolve disputes faster
  • Take over calls when needed to avoid putting the customer on hold

Call monitoring software built into your phone system

With Telzio, you can be up and running with your contact center in minutes, and start monitoring live calls today.

Use Telzio's Live Reports to see call activity and agent status in real time, then drop in on the call from any Telzio phone.

With a simple key command, you can talk to agents without the customer hearing, or barge in to calls to take over the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What devices can I use?
    You can monitor calls from any Telzio phone, including IP phones softphones, the Telzio Webphone and the Telzio Mobile App.
  • Can I record calls I monitor?
    Yes. You can enable call recording on inbound customer service calls, and also enable call recording during a live call from the Telzio Mobile App.
  • Do I have to be an admin to use this feature?
    No, you can authorize any user to monitor calls. With User Permissions, you can grant access to managers to use selected features like call monitoring.
  • How do I add this feature to my phone system?
    All call center software features are included with all Telzio plans at no additional charge. There's no configuration required to activate the features.

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