Toll Free Numbers

Give your business a national presence and expand your customer reach
with a toll free number.

800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844 numbers displayed as graphics.

What can I do with Toll Free Numbers?

  • Give your business brand a national status.
  • Broaden your customer reach to other states.
  • Make it easier for customers to remember and dial your number.
  • Set up hotlines and customer support lines.
  • Create custom routing rules with phone menus, hunt groups, and more.

Use Case

Toll free numbers are widely used for customer service lines for national and online businesses. Ecommerce websites provide toll free numbers for customers to inquire by phone about products, orders, and other support. By displaying a toll free number rather than a local area code, online businesses avoid limiting themselves as a local establishment and can appeal to customers on a national level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a setup fee to purchase a toll free number?
    Telzio offers US toll free numbers with NO setup fees. Some vanity and premium toll free numbers have setup fees. You can browse only for toll free numbers with no setup fee to find the right number for your business and budget.
  • Do you offer vanity toll free numbers?
    Yes. You can search for vanity numbers right through the Telzio Dashboard using our number search tool.

Features Included in all Plans

Premium Features, Products & Services

  • 1 All inbound text messages are included. You can add outbound text messages to your plan.
  • 2 There is no porting fee for local US numbers. Some toll free and international phone numbers have a porting fee. Contact us to learn more.