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Thomas Han

November 18, 2019

Best Cordless IP Phone: Review & Features

See why Telzio chooses the Yealink W60P Cordless DECT as the best cordless IP phone for business in 2020. Product review plus bonus features.

The best cordless IP phone for business is hands down the Yealink W56H / W60P Cordless DECT. It has all the features you’d expect from a business phone, plus the qualities you need in a cordless phone – multiple lines, long battery life, long distance range, and good sound quality. In this article, you’ll learn about its features and why it’s the best cordless IP phone today. Plus, you’ll learn about a few other bonus features you can get out of the phone when used with your Telzio VoIP service.

The W60P is a cordless VoIP phone set that includes both the base station and a handset + charger. The 56H is the additional cordless handset that you can add onto the base station. Each base unit can support up to 8 accessory handsets.

Highlights of the W60P:

  • 2.4" 240 x 320 color screen interface
  • Up to 8 simultaneous calls
  • Up to 8 DECT cordless handsets
  • Up to 8 SIP accounts / VoIP users
  • Up to 2 concurrent calls per handset
  • Up to 5 repeaters per base station
  • Support Opus audio codec
  • Up to 30 hours of talk time
  • Up to 400 hours of standby time
  • Quick charging: 10-min charge time for 2-hour talk time
  • Indoor Range: 50m
  • Outdoor Range: 300m

Yealink makes the best VoIP phones, and their cordless phone is no exception. Yealink phones work well without glitches, they’re reasonably priced for small businesses, and they’re reliable.

The Yealink W56H / W60P is a great business phone for office or home. According to the specs, the cordless handset can go up to 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors. When we use the handset in a separate room from the base unit, the sound quality is undiminished. But this may vary depending on the conditions in your building.

The battery life of the W56H gives you 30 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time. Compare this to its predecessor and smaller model the W52P that has 11 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time, the W56H lasts substantially longer. If you leave the handset on the charger overnight, you shouldn’t run into any issues with it ever losing power during the day.

Yealink is priced more affordably than Cisco and Polycom, and is comparable to Grandstream. However, with its software bugs, Grandstream greatly underperforms in comparison to Yealink. Yealinks are still the best VoIP phones on the market, for both cordless and desk phones.

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Bonus Features

Used with a VoIP phone system from Telzio, the Yealink cordless phone can offer more features than meets the eye. Here we’ll touch on just 3 of those features, and how Telzio turns a little cordless phone into a powerful communication tool for a business.

Call Flip to Switch Between Devices

Call flip is when you switch devices in the middle of a call, without hanging up. With Telzio, you can flip calls between your desk phone, cordless phone, mobile app, and webphone.

You can switch phones during a call by simply transferring the call to yourself and picking up on the phone you want to use. From the cordless handset, hit Options then Transfer + your own extension to switch to your other phone.

Whichever device you’re using on a call, you can switch to any other device where your user is logged in, by transferring the call to your extension.

Intercom / Page to Make Announcements

There are two ways you can make announcements through the speakerphone of other phones in your office. There’s intercom, and then there’s paging. In both situations, you can automatically connect to the other phone without anyone having to answer it.

Intercom is a two-way call, where you can talk through another phone’s speakerphone and the other end can reply. To initiate an intercom call from your Yealink cordless or other IP phone that’s set up with Telzio, dial * plus the extension of the phone you want to reach.

Paging is a one-way call, where you can talk through the speakerphone of other phones to broadcast an announcement. To page other phones from your Yealink cordless or other IP phone, dial *84 to page all users in your account, or * plus the extension of a user group.

With both intercom and paging, the receiving phone needs to be enabled to support these types of phone calls.

Transfer a Call to a Group

Ever get a call and not sure exactly who to transfer it to? Using Telzio with your Yealink cordless phone you can transfer a call to a department or the entire office, all depending on how you group your users.

You can group users by department, office, region, shift, etc., and then you can give that group an extension. From there you can transfer a call to that group’s extension to ring everyone in the group, and the first person to answer will get the call.

It works the same way with direct calling. Let’s say you need to talk to someone in a certain department – anyone. From your Yealink cordless or any phone connected with Telzio, dial the 3-digit extension of the user group and you’ll be connected to the first person who picks up.

Unlimited VoIP Users

Telzio provides unlimited VoIP users and phone extensions, which means you can create as many SIP accounts as you need to for all your handsets. Besides the cost of the phone itself, there’s no additional cost to set up a new VoIP line on your Telzio VoIP system.

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