A VoIP paging system within your business phone system.

With Telzio you can make announcements through IP phones in any location. There's no additional hardware required with our VoIP paging systems.

Illustration of a speaker and/or a telephone operating as an intercom.

What can I do with VoIP Paging Systems?

  • Set up a PA system to make announcements
    over speakerphone.
  • Use existing desk phones for Paging without any other hardware requirements.
  • Integrate a music player and PA system in stores
    and businesses.

Broadcast music & announcements

Paging is used in stores and businesses to make announcements to a group. Retailers can have music playing throughout their stores, and integrate a PA system that automatically pauses the music during announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of device do I need to use Paging?
    Many IP phones support Paging. Browse our shop or let us provide you
    with a recommendation.
  • How do I use Paging to make announcements?
    Once your device is enabled for Paging, simply dial * plus the extension of the department where you want to make an announcement. Visit our support pages to learn more about enabling Paging on your device.

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