More conversations, less effort.

Telzio's intercom service enables you to instantly start a two-way call with other phone extensions in your organization.

An illustration of an intercom in action

What can I do with Intercom?

  • Initiate an instant phone call with others in your organization.
  • Use it as a PA system to make announcements to other departments and offices.
  • Enable employees to be hands-free and accessible by intercom.
  • Have intercom capabilities in kitchens, warehouses, and other settings.
  • Manage front door and entry ways with intercom phones.

Hands-free conversations

Intercom is useful for any business setting where workers may not always be able to physically reach the phone to answer a call, such as in a kitchen, warehouse, factory, or classroom.

In office buildings and business campuses, intercom is used in front doors and entryways to manage guests and visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of device do I need to use Intercom?
    Many IP phones support Intercom. Browse our shop or let us provide you with a recommendation.
  • How do I establish an Intercom call?
    Once your device is enabled for Intercom, simply dial * plus the extension of the phone where you want to establish a call.

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