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Diana Chu

June 25, 2017

Customer Highlight: Matia Robotics

Scientists at Matia Robotics chose Telzio to power their cloud phone system.

We’re proud to have the world’s most inventive teams using Telzio everyday, like those at Matia Robotics. The doctors and engineers at Matia Robotics build life-changing products for people with walking disabilities, and use Telzio to make their daily communications as seamless and efficient as possible.

Re-Inventing the Wheel

The Silicon Valley-based company started in 2006, and caught major buzz in 2012 when they debuted their first product, the Tek RMD (Robotic Mobilization Device), a super high-tech version of the wheelchair that enables standing for people who are paralyzed or have walking disabilities. They now have multiple distributors worldwide and rapidly growing demand.

Modern Phone System for a Modern Company

Earlier this year, Matia Robotics moved their phone system to Telzio to make use of our modern features like voicemail transcription and automated call routing, in addition to office phone necessities like extensions and virtual fax.

Ayça Hacıkadiroğlu, Chief Financial Officer at Matia Robotics said:

Telzio answered our needs for a phone system, which included a main number, extensions for employees, a fax line, and the ability to receive voicemail as text. On top of the modern features, I appreciated the visual call flow editor, which made it easy to add a customized greeting with menu options and call routing.

Auto Attendant and Routing

Matia Robotics has a fairly common setup for their company phone system. On their website is listed their main phone number, which greets callers with an automated attendantand options to reach their various departments. Included with that is an extension and voicemail for each employee.

Voicemail Transcription

On top of the calling and routing capabilities, Telzio includes the modern and practical features that made everyday life easier. Employees at Matia Robotics could now receive voicemail transcriptions on their phone, by email, and on the Telzio Dashboard, and their calls and messages would always be synced across their devices.

Deploying the New Phone System

The entire process of setting up their Telzio phone system took the smallest amount of effort. What truly sets Telzio apart is our easy-to-use interface allowing for instant configuration. Every phone line, extension, and setting is managed online, making the transition to Telzio easy and fast. Features like voicemail transcription and call recording are included, and can be enabled with one click.

Hacıkadiroğlu added:

We were able to configure all our services and be up and running in the same day, without any onboarding or technical obstacles. With Telzio’s self-provisioning capabilities, we can manage everything in-house and haven’t needed any IT or customer support at all.

With Telzio’s management capabilities, changes are easy to implement by any member of the staff. From updating the phone menu greeting to adding a new extension, any non-technical employee can manage the system.

Telzio is Designed for the Growing Enterprise

Matia Robotics represents something all Telzio customers have in common – they’re innovative and they’re growing. This is why we’ve built our platform to be customized by you, for your individual business needs. And as your business grows and evolves over time, your Telzio services can be tailored with minimal effort.

As Matia Robotics’ distribution continues to grow overseas, Telzio is able support their global expansion with international phone numbersfrom over 60 countries. Regardless of physical location, all of their phone numbers can continue to be managed under a single account and be used in any country.