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Choose an international phone number for your business from our massive inventory. Connect to any device and call from anywhere.

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What can I do with international phone numbers?

  • Register numbers instantly and use them from any location.
  • Get local calling and presence where you have and target customers.
  • Give your employees an international phone number when they travel.
  • Display a local phone number in the country you’re calling.
  • Manage all your international phone numbers under a single account.

Get local presence around the globe.

International phone numbers are useful for any business, ecommerce, or professional firm with international customers. For example, a US-based travel agency or hospitality service might specialize in working with customers from all over the world, and get most of their clients from a few select countries. The company might have a toll free US number, plus an additional phone number in each of the other countries for advertising and customer outreach.

Like with all Telzio phone numbers, you can automate call routing to users in any location. You can receive calls on your international phone number with your mobile and desk phones no matter where you are located.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to register an international phone number?
    Most countries do not require any documentation from you to purchase a phone number in that country. However, some countries require proof of address and business identification before you can activate a phone number. Contact us to inquire about a specific country’s requirements.

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