Digitize your fax services with an internet based system.

Integrate your fax services with your business phone system, and manage all your documents in the cloud.

An example of how you can send a fax directly from the Telzio console

What can I do with fax?

  • Manage all your faxes on our website.
  • Enable employees to collaborate on faxes.
  • Consolidate your fax service with Telzio.
  • Receive faxes as PDF by email.
  • Send faxes through your browser.

Flexible fax services

You can manage multiple numbers on your account for voice and fax. Many companies will maintain one dedicated phone number for faxes.

For example, you might have an existing fax number you want to port to Telzio. You can port the number to us without any downtime, and specify an email address where you want to receive faxes. To send a fax, you can simply upload the document from your computer through our website.

An example list of faxes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I keep my old fax machine?
    Yes. You can purchase an adaptor from our shop that works with most fax machines.
  • How do I access my faxes?
    You can view and download all your faxes through our website. Just log into your account and click on the Fax page.

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