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Jennifer Chen

August 14, 2014

Getting a Temporary Phone Number

Telzio makes it easy to get a temporary phone number for marketing campaigns and short-term projects. Flexible month-to-month plans include all business VoIP features and easy management.

Temporary phone numbers can be used for creative marketing and sales efforts. VoIP makes it easy and affordable to get temporary phone numbers, so it’s all about using your imagination from there.

Purchasing a temporary phone number is instant, unless you are requesting a special number. Canceling a temporary phone number is also just as easy to do online.

Depending on the number of calls you expect to be making and receiving with the temporary phone number, you can choose a flexible month-to-month plan. Each plan comes with access to all the business VoIP features.

Once you purchase a phone number, you own it. You can transfer the number out anytime. There are no contracts that bind you to continue paying for the service for any length of time, and you cancel the number yourself online without jumping through a million hoops.

Here are a couple of ways our customers are using temporary phone numbers:

Real estate brokers use temporary phone numbers to promote property listings.

You can purchase a local phone number for the property or space that’s being marketed, and include the number on signage and all marketing materials. That number can then be forwarded anywhere, including a cell, office or soft phone.

With Telzio’s call forwarding and call screening features, agents can receive calls dialed to the temporary phone numbers on their cell phones, and have the property name announced before they answer so they know how to treat the call.

The number of ways a call can be routed is limitless using the call flow editor. Callers can be directed to multiple different destinations, informational menus, or voicemail. Callers can also be sent to any kind of phone including cell phones, and show up as a missed call with caller ID so their phone number is saved.

Marketers use temporary phone numbers to measure the effectiveness of ads.

You can purchase a unique phone number to list on a test ad, so you know the exact lead source for all incoming calls to that number and can compare its performance against other ad placements. You can send those calls to any destination including another phone number, phone, or IVR menu.

Forwarding calls to an IVR menu greets callers with information that can be updated and re-recorded as often as needed right through your computer.

Finding the right marketing channel to reach your target customer is a science. It requires some testing and measuring to see what works. VoIP makes it affordable to be creative and precise with marketing strategies.

Sales professionals use temporary phone numbers to reach global clients.

Whether you need to establish a local presence or provide a local phone number for your clients to reach you, you can get a temporary phone number from just about anywhere in the world. If you don’t have a permanent reason to be in that market, you can cancel the number anytime.

Telzio makes it easy to get a temporary phone number and set up a custom route for incoming calls. You can design the phone system any way you want right through your web browser, and you can try it for free first.