Call Flows

Build custom call flows to route incoming calls using a variety of professional features.


Setting up a Call Flow
  • Add features like business hours, IVR menus, call forwarding, conference calls, voicemail and extension directories
  • Customize the order and settings of features based on your business needs
  • Assign multiple phone numbers to a call flow
  • Create multiple call flows and use them interchangeably
  • Give unique names to each call flow for easy call management and screening


  • Easy-to-use call flow editor to make instant changes
  • Intuitive interface with visual overview of call flows
  • Unlimited call flows per account

Overview of Using Telzio's Small Business VoIP System

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Flows

What is a call flow?

A call flow is the route of incoming calls you design for your callers. A call flow can be as simple as going straight to a phone, or it can include multiple levels of menus and custom features.

How many call flows can I add?

You can create an unlimited number of call flows in your account.

Can I copy an existing call flow?

Currently you cannot copy and paste a call flow. Each call flow must be built individually.