Forward Calls to Any Phone in The World

FEATURE: Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Use Call Forwarding to send incoming calls to phones or external phone numbers.


Forwarding via Call Flow
  • Forward calls to IP phones, mobile phones and external phone numbers
  • Ring multiple phones in simultaneous or sequential order
  • Set the length of time a phone rings before calls forward to the next phone
  • Filter calls by business hours, call screening and caller ID
  • Activate call recording for free


  • Instant editor so you can change the call destinations and order of forwarding anytime
  • Unlimited channels so callers never get a busy signal
  • Free SIP traffic so you can forward calls to IP phones and softphones without additional charges

How to Set Up Call Forwarding

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Forwarding

Can I forward calls to my cell phone?

You can forward calls to any phone number in the world, including cell phones. You can also download the Telzio mobile app for free, which enables you to make and receive calls with your Telzio phone number on your cell phone.

How many phone numbers can I forward calls to?

You can forward calls to an unlimited number of phone numbers and users.

What will callers hear while they’re being connected?

You can select the type of hold music you want callers to hear while they wait to be connected.