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Call Analytics

Get insight into how your call centers are performing with metrics and reporting from the Telzio Dashboard, and get immediate indicators to improve customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

About call analytics

Measuring call center performance

Statistics and detailed call records from Telzio enable you to solve challenges and quickly make changes to optimize call center KPIs and caller experiences.

Our dashboard provides information like hold-time durations and caller drop-offs, shedding light on how customer calls are being handled and whether they're meeting expected response times. Get both live and historical call center reporting, and the convenience of managing your call center services, data, and agents - all in one place.

Queue overview in Telzio's mobile app.

Inbound call statistics

Measure whether customer service calls are being answered in good time.

Call tracking

Track marketing campaigns and get immediate insight into which ads are performing well.

Sortable data

Sort by phone numbers and dates, and track how your activity has grown overtime.

Agent performance

See which agents are answering the most calls and data about their call activity.

How it works

Call analytics dashboard

The Telzio Dashboard provides an overview of important statistics across your phone system, and instant signs of how call centers are performing.

Segment the data by queues and phone numbers to see how customer service or sales lines are being handled. With the key metrics we provide, you can get insight into your growth, and find out if there are any gaps or missed opportunities in your call center operation. Get everything from average hold times to abandonment times to help you maximize customer satisfaction and agent productivity.



Are call analytics accessible by all users?

No. Only administrators and authorized users can view the call analytics dashboard.


Is there call data displayed in real-time?

Yes. The call center view provides live updates on calls while they're happening.

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