#1 Reason Businesses are Switching to Cloud Phone Systems

While researching cloud phone systems, you’ll find a number of appealing benefits like network redundancy, mobility, remote connectivity, and multi-platform integration. While some of these advantages may be more valuable to your business than others, it’s safe to say that for any growing business, scalability is the number one reason for switching to a cloud phone system.

Think of a scenario in which your organization consists of 10 employees. You are in the process of onboarding another employee. All the employees in your organization have a coffee mug of their own. However, there is no extra mug for the new employee. In order to ensure that the new employee has a mug, would you want to invest in at least 50 new mugs? Wouldn’t a single mug suffice for the new employee? Thank goodness, mugs don’t work like this. You need one mug, you buy one mug. However, this is not the case with most hardware phone systems, which require you to pull down your entire setup only to accommodate an extra phone.

Cloud phone systems can be scaled rapidly, but only Telzio makes it possible for you to remotely configure hundreds of new phone lines overnight.

You can scale up your business without having to worry about infrastructure or long-term contracts. You pay only for what you need, and you can adjust your calling/texting usage as needed. If there is a need for an upgrade, instead of investing in hardware implementation, a simple plan change is only a few clicks away.

Most of us have experienced first-hand the recent rise in software subscription services for CRMs, data storage, and now cloud phone systems. The ability to scale with cloud services makes it possible to get an out-of-the-box cloud telephony solution flexible enough to work 5 or 500 employees overnight.

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Here are some of the top benefits you can make happen for your business with a cloud phone system.

Minimize on-site maintenance.

As your headcount increases from 10 to 15 and then from 250 to 500, a cloud phone system will save you an immense amount of time and capital on adding lines, provisioning phones, and upgrading hardware. All of your deployment and maintenance can be done remotely.

Stop paying for extra phone lines.

In a traditional PBX system, a telephone administrator would have to be called to install an extra phone line for a new office employee. This would typically lead to an additional expense as well. With your Telzio phone system, you can add phone lines with extensions for your employees at no additional cost.

Save time on training.

Telzio offers the most easy-to-use website for designing the settings of your system. To set up a custom phone menu, business hour filters, and even call waiting queues, all you have to do is log into the dashboard and you’ll find a simple interface that is intuitive and allows changes to be made instantly – a complete night and day difference to making changes in a traditional PSTN infrastructure. Deploying a new phone system from Telzio is an easy task for any IT professional without prior knowledge of setting up a VoIP phone system. Your employees can continue to use desk phones, plus log into our mobile app and website to manage their calls and messages.

Support multiple office locations.

A fully hosted solution in the cloud is ideal for companies with distributed offices and remote-work employees. Once your remote employees gain access to your telephony system, their connection will be as seamless as with employees physically within the premises of the organization. This is possible because cloud phone systems don’t use any on-site resources, so where the connection is being made from doesn’t really matter. All your remote employees will need is an IP phone (or our mobile app) and an internet connection to connect to your phone system.

Re-direct capital to improve other systems.

Your IT team can focus on more complex problems than the maintenance of your phone system. And if you don’t have a designated IT team, you don’t need to invest in full-time staff, especially for your phone system. The maintenance of your cloud phone system is now handled by us, your service provider.

Stop paying for unused capacity.

Most organizations are dependent on a seasonal schedule. However, they are forced to invest in a full-powered system to support their peak season, even though it is lying around gathering dust during those months that have slack in business. Investing in a cloud phone system means that you will be able to scale up or down depending on your evolving requirements, without having to break the bank during the busiest time of the year.

Get control of your budget.

When there is no ease of scalability, and this is particularly true for those organizations that are constantly growing and hiring. When your system is scalable, you can plan your budget and know exactly how much a new hire is going to cost you.

No matter the kind of technology you are planning to invest in, be it a cloud phone system or other software subscription service, scalability is what you need, especially if your plan is growth. When your phone system is easily scalable, you will not only keep costs minimal every step of the way, but also be able to take advantage of implementing new technologies into your communications platform.

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Lata is part of the marketing team at Telzio, and uses her in-depth understanding of business VoIP to contribute education about VoIP phone systems to the Telzio blog. Her experience includes creating technical documentation and guides on complex telecommunication systems for Avaya and IBM. Currently based in Barcelona, Lata has a Bachelor's degree in computer science and Master's in English.