How Do I Forward Calls to My Cell Phone?

LqRENnQl5e0Forwarding calls from your business number to your cell phone can help you avoid missed calls when you’re not at your desk.

What is Call Forwarding?

Forwarding a call means that when someone dials your phone number, the call is immediately directed to a pre-set destination. With your Telzio phone number, you can forward calls to any cell phone, landline, and SIP user.

Telzio’s routing options give you maximum flexibility for forwarding business calls to desk phones and mobile phones.

It’s easy to design your Telzio phone system to do what you want. You can route incoming calls to your desk phone and mobile phone at the same time, or in sequence, so that if you don’t answer on your desk phone, then it rings your mobile phone. You can even transfer an active call from your desk phone to your mobile phone and vice versa, also known as call flip.

Telzio makes it easy to edit your call forwarding details anytime online.

Forward Calls to a Phone Number

Forwarding calls to another phone number can be done in a few steps on your Telzio Dashboard.

  1. Go to your Plans & Numbers page.
  2. Click on the phone number you want to edit, and choose External Phone Number in the drop down menu as your Inbound Call Destination.
  3. Enter the phone number where you want calls to be forwarded, and hit update.

In some cases you may want to forward calls on your business line to another number, but with Telzio you can also receive calls on your cell phone with our mobile app.

By forwarding to the Telzio mobile app, you get more functionality and keep your personal line separate.

You can also send incoming calls on your business phone number to:

  • User (via the mobile app, an IP phone, or a softphone),
  • a Group (of Users),
  • Call Flow, or
  • Fax.

Let’s explore how you can customize your call forwarding setup even more.

Customize Call Forwarding

Choosing Call Flow as the Inbound Call Destination allows you to further customize your call forwarding settings with features including:

  • Caller ID
    Show the caller’s number, or your number, so you know where they dialed.
  • Hold Music
    Choose from a variety of genres so your callers hear hold music while they wait to be connected.
  • Call Recording
    Record all the calls to your business phone number and retrieve them under Call Recordings.
  • Call Screening
    Filter calls so you know where the caller has dialed before you answer.
  • Destinations
    Forward calls to extensions, departments, or other phone numbers so they all ring simultaneously, or in a specific order.
  • Voicemail
    Create a designated voicemail inbox for your business line and forward voicemails to a single employee, a group, or an email. (And it comes transcribed!)

You can customize call forwarding on your Telzio Dashboard.

  1. Go to your Call Flows page, and add a new flow.
  2. Add Forward Call as the first step in the flow.
  3. Set your call forwarding preferences in the fields provided.
  4. After you update your settings, you can add a Voicemail if nobody answers.
  5. Back on the Plans & Numbers page, make sure you have the Inbound Call Destination set to that Call Flow that you just created, and voila! Now when callers dial your business number, they’ll be forwarded to everyone you added in the list!

Scale from Small to Big

With your Telzio phone system, call forwarding options are endless. There’s no limit to the number of phone numbers or users you can forward calls to, and no limit to the number of call flows you can create. When it comes to designing your phone system, the only limit is your imagination (not your budget!)

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.