5 Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System

Most small business owners have heard of VoIP, and in a few years most small businesses will have switched over to a VoIP phone system. VoIP phone systems are still new to many of us, but it’s not just for tech-savvy and professional users anymore.

5 Ways VoIP Can Benefit Your Small Business

VoIP is the modern way of making phone calls online, which experts say will completely replace traditional landlines eventually. The advantages of using a VoIP phone system are groundbreaking for growing small businesses and there are a handful of major benefits it can give your business or startup.

1. VoIP Saves You Money

The amount of cost savings is the main reason many small businesses switch to VoIP, as it can cut monthly phone expenses up to 70%. Overall costs on a VoIP phone system are much less than traditional phone services thanks to the beauty of Internet calling.

Setting up a VoIP phone system doesn’t require technical resources or hardware installation, which in the past would cost thousands of dollars. Typically there are virtually no setup fees, so it’s easy for startups and small businesses on a small budget to switch to a VoIP provider.

2. VoIP Helps You Reach More Customers

Being able to take advantage of VoIP features and low-cost internet calling allows your small business to reach a wider range of customers nationally and internationally. For one, it’s affordable to have international and toll-free numbers so you can make it easy for customers outside of your local region to connect with your business. Additionally, having the professional features of a VoIP phone system can add tremendous value to your small business from a marketing and customer service standpoint.

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3. VoIP Gives Your Small Business Enterprise-Level Features

Professional features in a VoIP phone system can give your customers a rich and sophisticated experience when they call your business. VoIP phone systems can offer enterprise features like custom IVR menus, call forwarding, conference calls, call recording, call logging, caller ID, call screening, hold music, opening hour filters, voicemail, and even phone integration with Google Analytics.

Previously, these professional phone features were only accessible to large corporations with substantial technical and financial resources, but some VoIP service providers allow all customers to set take advantage of these features at no extra cost.

4. VoIP Gives You Flexibility

If you’re going to be away from the office and still need to make and receive calls, a VoIP phone system allows you to do this. One of the valuable features of a VoIP phone system for a small business is call forwarding, meaning you can forward incoming calls to any other number like your cell phone or landline. You can also set opening hour filters, so that during closed hours incoming calls go straight to voicemail.

5. VoIP Makes Your Small Business Sound Big

No matter the size of your business, a VoIP phone system is a flexible, affordable technology that offers the same, sophisticated communication tools your enterprise-size competitors have. Professional features like having an automated IVR menu when customers call your business makes your small business sound like a Fortune 500 corporation. A professional image is critical when you are selling to any customer, whether B2B or to retail consumers, and a professional phone system will give your small business just that.

Given the low cost, professional value, and hassle-free benefits of setting up a VoIP phone system, it doesn’t make sense for any small business to use traditional phone systems at this point. 

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Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.