Route calls to the right person with call hunt groups.

Telzio enables you to automate your call routing for a more efficient caller experience. Decide who gets the call first, and how long it rings before trying the next agent.

Example of defining a Hunt Group.

What can I do with Hunt Groups?

  • Create and edit groups in seconds on the Telzio Dashboard.
  • Ring everyone in the group simultaneously or in sequence.
  • Place callers in a queue until the next person
    in the group is available.
  • Record all calls that go to the group.
  • Organize users in any location into groups.

Call routing that's completely automated

Hunt Groups are vital for companies with different specialized teams. Let's say you have a customer support team where you would like to route all calls pertaining to support. You can start by greeting your callers with a Phone Menu, followed by the option to connect to customer support.

From there you can send calls to your customer support team, who can receive calls from any location on their mobile and desk phones. If everyone on the support team is busy, you can automatically place callers on hold until the next person is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Hunt Groups can I create with my Telzio account?
    There's no limit to the number of Hunt Groups or users you can create with your Telzio account, and they're all included with your service.
  • Can I route calls to multiple Hunt Groups?
    Yes! You can set calls to ring groups in order or simultaneously, just like you can with users.

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