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Thomas Han

July 11, 2016

Grandstream DP720 Cordless VoIP Phone Review

See our review of the Grandstream DP720 cordless VoIP phone.

The Grandstream DP720 is the newest cordless VoIP phone from Grandstream and proving to have high sound quality, long battery life, and a useful design.

Last month I temporarily ditched my regular desk phone, the Grandstream GXP2135, and have been relying on its cordless cousin, the Grandstream DP720.

About a hundred calls in so far, and all have had excellent sound quality. I frequently ask callers on the other end how I sound, and am reassured the quality is heard both ways.

The DP720 is Grandstream’s newer model of the DP715. The major issue with the DP715 was battery life, which drove me to replace it with the Yealink W52P.

I was happy with the Yealink and all that it could do, but also looking forward to when Grandstream would come out with a cordless VoIP phone I could use. Finally, battery life issues are resolved with the DP720, sustaining talk time of 20 hours and standby time of 250 hours.

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The Grandstream DP720 and its Base Station, the Grandstream DP750

The Grandstream DP720 is the handset itself, and along with it you’ll need its base station, the Grandstream DP750.

The Grandstream DP720/750 cordless VoIP phone set is:

  • light-weight,
  • HD audio quality,
  • easy to set up, and
  • able to handle multiple lines.

Small Business Friendly Features

Clearly the cordless phone is meant to be mobile and thus doesn’t have the physical space for certain features like busy-lamp fields. But despite its small size and low price, the Grandstream DP720 contains many of the features a small business might need, including:

  • registration up to 10 lines,
  • speakerphone,
  • three-way conferencing,
  • contact list,
  • call logs,
  • transfer, and
  • hold.

The speakerphone is one of my favorite features on this phone. It’s so convenient and the sound is crystal clear. I would choose the speakerphone on the DP720 over the iPhone any day. In fact I prefer using the cordless handset over a mobile phone period. It might even sound better than Grandstream’s other phones, including the UFO.

With an indoor range of 50 meters (or 164 feet for us Americans), one can essentially move around a 26,000 square foot space with decent sound quality.

Outdoors, the DP720 can reach up to 300 meters (984 feet).

When I take breaks, walk over to the kitchen, or simply visit a coworker, I can take this little phone around with me. It frees me from my desk and still keeps me in touch.

During conference calls, I can easily mute myself, get on speakerphone, and turn the volume up or down without blinking.

The phone’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it suitable for SMB and SoHo use.

As described on Grandstream’s website,

the DP720 and DP750 is a VoIP solution for any business, warehouse, retail store and residential environment.

Setting Up the DP720/DP750

If you’ve ever set up an IP phone before, the DP720 as with Grandstream’s other phones is straightforward.

With Telzio you can auto provision Grandstream phones, making it extremely easy for IT managers to manage a lot of phones across multiple locations.

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Using the Grandstream DP720 with Telzio

Telzio offers capabilities on the DP720 beyond what is listed in the standard specs, including:

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