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Ryan Leung

October 19, 2020

Hospitality Phone Systems in the Cloud

Marriott and E&J Gallo Winery run their virtual phone systems through Telzio. Learn about the benefits of a cloud PBX and how to connect to customers and staff more efficiently.

Companies like Marriott and E&J Gallo Winery are using Telzio for front desk and back office operations to achieve a centralized phone system that works across locations without any physical hardware. Through the use of automated attendants, call queues, and flexible call routing to mobile and desk phones, hospitality providers can connect to customers more efficiently. Hotels, wineries, and restaurants that are looking to upgrade to a more robust and cost effective solution turn to Telzio for a modern, cloud based phone system. In this article we touch on the key benefits of a virtual phone system, opportunities for integrations and campaigns, and recommended phones.

VoIP for the Uninitiated

Efficient communication and guest services are cornerstones for hotels and hospitality. The technologies surrounding VoIP have been evolving rapidly, and every year it’s becoming harder for any success-driven business to ignore. VoIP is proving to become the frontrunner in the world of telecommunication due to its cost-efficiency, features, reliability, and flexibility.

The switch to a digital phone system might be the change that your business needs to bring guests over. All while keeping costs low so you can reallocate funds for other investments that would enhance your image in hospitality.

“Voice over Internet Protocol” is the process where your voice is transmitted through a digital signal via an internet connection. It adapts to the proper end signal based on the receiver’s mode of communication. So if the people you are contacting are using a traditional landline then the signal will translate itself to match. In the case of those that are also using VoIP or perhaps software, the signal stays the same. In either case, what a caller will hear is high-quality voice audio that can be superior to landlines.

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Lowering Costs

When integrated with a traditional PBX, your system is bounded by the limits of wires, space, and special hardware that make up the telephone system. Expanding the number of phone lines would incur more costs from your phone company. Setup and maintenance fees are routine and place an added layer of financial burden. Add in the lost time from repairs or upgrades, and you’ll be looking at a negatively impacted earnings report. So rather than becoming tethered by physical phone lines, you can utilize what all modern hotels already have, an internet service.

The right phone system for hotels can be the difference between landing a customer or losing it to a competitor, since it's often the first impression of your customer service. Through a VoIP phone system, you gain all the features a traditional PBX system offers while avoiding the downsides and high costs. So the only thing you need is a decent internet connection.

Additionally, certain VoIP providers grant more cost savings perks such as free unlimited users, virtual receptionist, and online fax to name a few. Traditionally, to expand users or lines, you would need to have technicians come in to add in lines through the building’s infrastructure. With VoIP services like Telzio, you can have new users ready to go in mere minutes.

Minimize System Maintenance

The greatest perk to VoIP systems is accessing all your services through an online portal. Downtime can be a big headache and costly for businesses that rely heavily on top tier customer satisfaction. Maintenance is a given for both traditional and digital, the difference is that traditional phone systems require a technician to be on-premise. Whereas all the troubleshooting conducted from your VoIP service is performed remotely. Most often, updates and maintenance are carried out in the background as needed so you never have to worry about upkeep. This helps to keep your business running without any gaps in services.

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Maximize Bookings and Reservations

Hotels deal with a high influx of calls on a daily from different sources like reservation, event planners, and guest inquiries. So it’s important for you to serve everyone in a timely manner. Fortunately, VoIP has several features that can make sure every call is answered.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Auto Attendants is an automated system that helps manage incoming calls by directing callers to staff that best fit their needs. Queues place callers in a virtual line until the next agent can assist, with options to inform callers of their position in line and hold music. If all available on-site staff is busy, you can even utilize the forwarding feature to transfer a call to a specialized remote worker. Callers would be oblivious to the fact that they are even speaking to someone off-site from hotel premises. This is all to ensure that everyone connects to the right person.

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Be More Than a Continental Breakfast

Hotels cater to guests all around the world from all walks of life. However, high costs in international calling create a barrier of entry for most businesses that want to connect their pool of audience. Telzio remedies this with custom, usage-based pricing. This benefit can also be passed onto guests and can be especially useful for traveling business people who need convenient access to long distance calling.

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Measure the Success of Promotional Campaigns

Running marketing campaigns is a great tool in attracting clients all around the world. Telzio allows you to designate virtual phone numbers for the sole purpose of a promotional piece, and use these numbers across multiple channels for mail, television advertisements, websites, etc. The platform has call analysis tools baked in to present you with valuable metrics and insight into customer behavior and campaign performance. You can also take advantage of features like SMS and CRM integrations to truly bring your business to the next level.

Personalize Customer Service

Various CRM tools can be integrated with your Telzio VoIP service which allows you to gain insight into the wants and needs of your clientele. This will help your staff like concierge or reservations to see data that pertains to each guest’s names, special needs, reasons for travel, and history with the hotel. The integration of a cloud-based CRM service to your virtual PBX gives your staff more information, further personalizing experiences for current, returning, and future customer experiences. This extra attention to customer satisfaction is a supporting pillar to converting a guest into a lifelong customer.

Which VoIP Phones to Choose From?

As VoIP continues to grow in usage across industries, so do the available equipment that complements your communication solution. The hardware options aren’t just your run-of-the-mill business phone. Each is made to bring out the best qualities and features that make VoIP a strong contender. Several brands are vying for market share, some well-known like Cisco and Polycom. However, there’s been a gradual shift in value per performance from companies like Yealink.

Alternatively, users can call through the Telzio Webphone from their browser, with no installation required.

Enter the Yealink T19P E2, one of the best entry-level VoIP phones that host features that can punch above its weight. This is a great budget-friendly choice for front desk or concierge. Notable features are an LCD screen, power over ethernet, and headset support.

If you’re interested in the best bang for your buck, look no further than the Yealink T54W with Wifi. This IP phone exemplifies the full capabilities of what a VoIP phone service is made of. It boasts a large color screen and easy access to BLF keys. Built-in Bluetooth and Wifi for options to have fewer wires cluttering your desk space. HD Voice and can support up to 16 SIP accounts. One of the best benefits is it’s easy to configure remotely through auto-provisioning. IT managers can have your device set up from any location or have the phone automatically be configured as soon as it’s connected to the internet.

These are two options that could potentially work best for front desk and back office operations, but to get a deeper rundown on the best VoIP phones of 2020, check out this video. In the new digital age of mobile phones and instantaneous services, the hospitality industry must take all the steps needed to attract guests into booking a room. These are some of the highlights that showcase the advantages of a virtual phone system over a traditional landline. You can explore more of the many features Telzio has that elevates your business and the experiences of all future guests.

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