Easy VoIP Phone Systems for Medical Offices

Even with today’s culture of Internet-surfing, emailing and texting, a telephone is still a basic need for a small medical office. With calls from patients and their family members, insurance carriers, and other health care providers, a phone line at a medical office is usually the main source of communication for business transactions, medical advice and other means of crucial information for patients.

With VoIP, conducting everyday business has become infinitely easier. VoIP phone systems provide various features that do not include installing perplexing hardware or complicated setup programs. In addition, unlike traditional land or cellular lines, VoIP utilizes your internet IP address as the phone line, essentially eliminating the need for a physical telephone and corresponding wires!

Telzio is one VoIP service provider that specializes in providing easy-to-use phone systems for small businesses. Telzio has designed a system that is so easy to use, even the most technically challenged lay person could set up a phone system online in less than five minutes. Once set up, the maintenance is just as easy—the online dashboard shows you everything you need and will take you wherever you need to go.

Here are some of the features offered with a Telzio phone system:

Local and Toll Free Numbers

The first step is to choose a local phone number, so that your patients know you are a local community presence. You can also port your existing phone number with no downtime at all. With this feature, your office can effectively transition over to Telzio’s technologies without interrupting your current phone service or changing your existing phone number (a great feature for offices that have a long history in their current neighborhoods).

You can elect to have a toll free number as well if your office is a national or trans-state entity, or if you want to let your out-of-area-code patients know they can call their health care provider toll free.

Business Hours

With business hour filters, you can create opening/closing hours to direct calls differently depending on the time of day. You can create different IVR menus and call forwarding settings for when the office is closed. This feature is especially great for practices with varying hours and with Saturday or Sunday closures. This could also be the place for the office to input the option for the caller to page a physician or nurse in the event of an emergency when the office is closed.

IVR Menus

IVR menus allow you to create automated greetings with instructions for callers to reach the appropriate party by pressing corresponding numbers on the keypad (press 1 for appointments, press 2 for billing, etc.). The completely customizable greeting of the IVR menu could allow for offices to input general medical advice, or add an option for callers to be routed to another health care office/professional (for offices that specialize in certain fields), effectively utilizing other community resources and partnerships. 

Call Forwarding

Each extension in the IVR menu can be forwarded to any phone, extension, or outside phone number. You can forward calls to an unlimited number of phones and phone numbers in case the first person doesn’t pick up, and ring them sequentially or simultaneously.

Caller ID

Telzio’s phone system comes complete with the basic necessities to weed out the inefficiencies of wasted labor hours picking up bogus phone calls from telemarketers. The phone system display allows you to see the number the caller is calling from.

Call Screening

Call screening allows you to hear which phone number/line the caller has dialed before you answer, so you can respond to the call accordingly. This is useful for an office with one receptionist and multiple providers with separate lines.


Telzio offers the option to try a mock setup so you can see just how easy the setup process is. The process takes minutes to design a complete phone system and using the Call Flow editor in the customer dashboard.

You can customize and tailor how you want callers to be routed when they dial your number. “Incoming Call” is displayed with a “click to add action” button highlighted in yellow. Click that yellow box and a pop-up titled “Actions” will appear. This is where you select the first landing point of the caller’s journey.

You can set business hours, create an IVR menu, forward calls, setup voicemail or a conference bridge. Once you select your first option, additional pop-up boxes will appear depending on your selection. The IVR menu, call forwarding and voicemail options allow you to customize and record your own personal greeting or message.


Telzio is easy to scale and offers a variety of options tailored to the size and nature of your business, even as you grow. A Telzio phone system can support businesses from one to several hundred employees, and makes it easy for any employee (tech-savvy or not) or businesses with even the smallest budget to set up a state-of-the-art business phone system right through your web browser.

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.