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Jennifer Chen

June 24, 2014

Medical Office Phone Systems

Explore 10 calling features of medical office phone systems, and see why healthcare providers choose Telzio.

Telzio provides medical office phone systems for both small and large medical practices. Hospitals and emergency responders rely on Telzio for reliable phone service and custom routing features. Small medical offices take advantage of robust features and the ability to easily manage services online. In this article, you’ll learn about the some of the calling features used by healthcare providers, and why Telzio is the best phone system for medical offices.

Business Hours

With business hour filters, you can create opening/closing hours and schedules to route calls differently depending on the time of day. You can create special call routing settings for when the office is closed. For example, you can route after-hours calls to an announcement where you can provide emergency after-hours contact info.

Auto Attendants

Automated attendants, aka phone menus, allow you to create greetings with instructions for callers. Callers can reach the appropriate party by pressing corresponding numbers on the keypad (press 1 if you’re a new patient, press 2 for prescriptions, etc.). Phone menus enable you to offer information (i.e. address and hours), and route calls to different departments. It’s easy-to-customize, so you can update the greeting anytime with new information.

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Call Routing

Incoming calls can be routed to a desk phone, cell phone, or another phone number. You can route calls to an unlimited number of phones and phone numbers in case the first person doesn’t pick up, and ring them sequentially or simultaneously.

What makes Telzio unique from other phone service providers, is that you don’t have to pay to add additional users / devices.

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Caller ID Name (CNAM)

CNAM enables you to update the name that appears as your caller ID when you dial out. This allows the people you’re calling to see the name of your medical practice, so you don’t get mistaken for a telemarketer.

Internet Fax

Internet fax service enables you to send faxes from your computer, and receive incoming faxes by email. All of your fax documents are stored securely online, where you can easily access them through the Telzio Dashboard. With internet fax, not only will you save on paper waste, but it’s also much easier to manage and safely share sensitive faxes with other staff members in your office.

If you prefer to have a physical fax machine, you can still run your internet fax service through the fax machine with an ATA adaptor. This way, you’ll receive faxes to your email as well as through the fax machine. As for sending faxes, you can simply drag and drop a PDF document into the virtual fax application without having to print anything.

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Call Queues

Call queues enable you to manage in-house call center or front desk operations that may experience a moderate to high volume of phone calls. A call queue places callers on hold until the next staff member is available to answer the phone, so you don’t miss important patient calls.

Desk Phone & Mobile Phone Integration

The Telzio Mobile App can be used alone, or in sync with your desk phone. You can route incoming calls directly to your cell phone, while keeping calls separate from your personal line. Office staff can transfer calls to your extension on the app, so you can provide a high level of patient care even when you’re out of the office.

Web Browser Phone

Telzio provides a virtual phone that’s built into our website, so you can make phone calls directly through your browser without downloading any software or purchasing any equipment. The webphone eliminates the need to switch between devices, and makes it easy to work from anywhere.

HIPAA Compliance & Business Associate Agreements

Telzio is HIPAA compliant and offers business associate agreements (BAA) for your medical phone system. In addition, we provide data retention tools so you can decide how long to keep call records, voicemails, and faxes stored. For example, you can set voicemails to automatically delete after 90 days, and faxes to automatically delete after 1 year. This feature is of course optional, as you can retain call records indefinitely on the system.

Number Porting

With Telzio you can keep your existing phone numbers through an easy process called number porting. Porting your phone number from your current carrier to Telzio can be done with no downtime at all. This means that your office can transition over to a cloud based phone system without interrupting your current phone service.

VoIP Phone Systems for Medical Offices

With VoIP, conducting everyday business has become infinitely easier. VoIP phone systems provide various features that do not include installing perplexing hardware or complicated setup programs. In addition, unlike traditional land or cellular lines, VoIP utilizes your internet IP address as the phone line, eliminating the need for a physical telephone and corresponding wires.

Telzio has designed a system that is so easy to use, any office staff member can set up a phone system online in less than five minutes. Telzio replaces your landline service, and works with your existing internet connection. Once set up, the maintenance is just as easy—the online dashboard shows you everything you need and will take you wherever you need to go.

Telzio is easy to scale and offers a variety of options tailored to the size and nature of your medical practice, even as you grow. A Telzio phone system can support organizations from just a few to several thousand employees, and makes it easy for any employee (tech-savvy or not) to set up a state-of-the-art business phone system right through your web browser.

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