21st Century Call Centers With VoIP

There’s a world of difference between traditional call centers of yesteryear and those, which use the technological advancement of VoIP in the digital age. The cost of long-distance calls in the past was predicated on just that – the longer the distance, the more expensive, the call. With travel agencies and trading companies, which rely heavily on international communication for their bread and butter, it didn’t take a rocket science to assess the heavy cost burden associated with legacy telecom systems.

Long Distance Calling & Unlimited Users 

The telephony landscape continues to evolve daily in tandem with our changing business needs and preferences.

There are many aspects to a Cloud contact center vs traditional call center debate, but overall, cost is the number one factor that cannot be overlooked.

Telzio provide phone numbers in 60+ countries that can all be managed under a centralized online account, and local calling rates to over 200 countries. Our calling rates are based on last-mile pricing, which means that users get the local rate of the country they’re calling, no matter where they’re calling from.

Call center operations such as travel and booking agencies that employ numerous agents see a sizable cost benefit from Telzio’s free unlimited users.

With Telzio, every agent can have an extension and make calls for the price of one phone number. Rather than charging per user like conventional business phone services, Telzio offers month-to-month plans depending on usage, where all features and users are included.

Cost Advantages of the Cloud

The cost advantage of signing with a modern VoIP service also points to the absence of a large investment or start-up fee. Since this type of call center is based in the Cloud, all necessary components are hosted by Telzio and are accessible internationally via Internet. This is useful because Telzio, not your company, is responsible for the maintenance and updates required to your system.

The service doesn’t have the hefty hardware and installation costs that had proven to be a non-starter for small businesses in the past. On the flip side, if your firm is in the position to grow its call center, you can easily add more agents because Telzio’s solution is extremely scalable.

Multinational companies that have geographically distributed workforces can run operations through a virtual, “cloud based” phone system that still provides full call center capability. No hardware or installation is needed, and users can stay connected through any of their devices, including desk phones (IP phones), computers (softphones), and smartphones (mobile app). Telzio’s web based solution gives users the ability to work from any device, in any location.

System Status and Speed

With Telzio, calls center operations can rely on a company that is customer service oriented while constantly evolving. Here are some features that all users can benefit from.

Status Page: Our live status page provides updates 24-7 system on any and all issues, where you can see our unprecented record of uptime. Subscribe at status.telzio.com for instant updates. 

Ping Test: To see if the Internet speed in your location is sufficient to make calls, take Telzio's ping test.

Custom Pricing Plans

Telzio’s scalable plans are ideal for call centers, travel agencies and trading companies who require and benefit from call forwarding, custom call flows, interactive voice response, opening-hours filters, conference calls and on-hold music. The plans also offer local and toll-free numbers, call screening, voicemail, caller ID, call logs and the ability to keep your current phone number.

Ron is part of the marketing team at Telzio, covering everything from tips and tech for growing businesses to customer success stories for the Telzio blog.