Your company name belongs in the Caller ID.

Set your business apart with CNAM service from Telzio.
Personalize the outbound caller ID name so customers know it's your company calling.

An example of your business' caller ID showing on an iPhone

What can I do with Caller ID?

  • Register your company name with your phone number so it displays as your caller ID.
  • Give your business a professional appearance with a custom caller ID name.
  • Manage multiple numbers on a single device and choose which caller ID to dial from.
  • Personalize extensions with employee names so you can see who's calling internally.

Brand your company name.

Caller ID is used to represent your business identity when calling out. Having your company name display as the caller ID is professional and brand-building, and is beneficial for any business.

You can specify exactly what name you want to display with your caller ID. If you have multiple phone numbers, you can choose which phone number you want to dial out from when making calls from your IP phone and from Telzio's mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What displays as the Caller ID when my employees dial out?
    You can choose which one of your phone numbers employees dial out from and displays as their caller ID.
  • How do I customize my caller ID name?
    You can update your caller ID name directly through your Telzio Dashboard. Updating the caller ID name for a phone number will also update the caller ID of its associated extensions.
  • Is there a cost associated with customizing caller ID?
    There is a one-time setup fee to register your caller ID name in the national database.

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