Compare 3 VoIP Phones for Small Business

As VoIP has become increasingly popular as the communication solution for small business, more and more traditional desktop phones are replaced by VoIP phones. Though VoIP is definitely a cost-cutting solution, businesses owners, particularly those of small and medium enterprises, will find that a VoIP phone can be very pricy. A high-end Cisco IP phone can be as expensive as $600, so choosing the right VoIP phones requires a bit of research for small business owners on a budget. Here is a comparison of the most popular VoIP phones from the top three IP phone manufacturers.



As one of the leading players in the field of IP phones, Cisco provides a wide variety of selections for business customers from home-based businesses with fewer than 10 employees to giant multinational firms.

As one of Cisco’s most affordable models with a price range from $80-$100, SPA303 is also among the most welcomed IP phones in the market. A model specially designed for small businesses, SPA303 has a monochrome display and can support up to three lines. An exciting feature of this model is its supreme voice quality enabled by the wideband G.722 voice algorithm, which is not so common for products offered by other IP phone makers at the same price range.

Cisco IP phones also meet the needs of businesses with demand for more advanced solutions by providing various high-end models. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G provides business users a unified solution for all kinds of communication needs from high-definition voice to an extendable IP phone system. With the capacity to support 8 lines, 7975G also has a built-in power-over-ethernet (PoE) module to make the VoIP phone an energy-saving device. The price of 7975G ranges from $270-$381.



As a multinational corporation specialized in telepresence and voice communication solutions, Polycom has become a dominant player in the IP phone market. Its Soundpoint series is widely recognized by users as one of the best IP phones in the market.

A basic Soundpoint model, IP 331 costs about $85. Designed for business users who value simplicity and efficiency, the Polycom 331 includes basic enterprise-grade features such as conferencing and caller ID and has a decent 102*33 pixel LCD display. A multi-line operation ability that supports up to two lines makes it a good choice for small businesses. PoE capability further helps users cut costs by saving energy.

More advanced models such as IP 670 are priced at about $330. Voice quality is greatly improved by G.722 codec. A high-definition color interface platform makes adding and accessing applications much easier. The device capacity can grow as business needs change by adding up to three expansion modules. The device’s capability of supporting up to six lines and 24 concurrent calls makes communication more efficient for busy decision makers.



Grandstream is an award-winning maker that provides cost-effective IP phone solutions. With a price range between $35 to $140, Grandstream’s products are among the most popular IP phones for small businesses.

Grandstream GXP1100 features up to 2 calls with 1 SIP account, 4 programmable keys, single network port and integrated PoE. This mode can deliver superior voice quality with wideband G.722 audio algorithm. Priced at $35, GXP1100 is one of the least expensive IP phones in the market.

Grandstream’s high-end model, GXP 2200 features its Android 2.3 operation system and a vast number of Android apps that can be installed. The powerful device supports up to 6 lines with 6 SIP accounts and 5-way conference. Priced at $ 140, GXP 2200 is significantly less expensive, compared to products of other brands with similar technical capability.

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.