Tools & Tips for Your Business Phone System

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Send Fax by Email for Better Security

New Features

It is a misconception that fax is more secure than email. In actuality, email is more secure, and faxing via VoIP is more secure than analog fax. Learn more about sending faxes using Telzio's secure VoIP system.

7/10/2018 9:19:47 PM

SMS Phone Numbers Now Available in 15 Countries

New Features

Telzio offers SMS phone numbers in 15 countries that can be used for texting in addition to calling. Browse our extensive inventory to find local and toll free phone numbers that are SMS enabled, and use your SMS numbers from anywhere.

6/30/2018 12:19:17 AM

Add Phone Numbers to a Whitelist to Bypass Spam Filter

New Features

Telzio offers a spam call blocking feature that filters incoming calls for telemarketers. In order to avoid certain phone numbers from being blocked by the spam filter, we'e added a whitelist feature where you can add a list of approved numbers.

6/13/2018 12:25:52 AM

Create a Voicemail PIN for Users

New Features

Telzio Voicemail enables you to create a PIN code for accessing voicemails. Learn more about how to create a voicemail PIN with your Telzio phone service.

6/7/2018 12:36:07 AM

What is a Rollover Line?

VoIP Education

Rollover lines are used with traditional landlines to enable businesses to handle more than one phone call at a time. VoIP systems do not require rollover lines, as one VoIP line can handle unlimited simultaneous calls.

5/25/2018 6:25:49 AM

How do Affiliate Programs work?

Business Growth

Affiliate programs are performance-based, where affiliates get paid for referring customers through their own marketing efforts. Affiliates can be but are not always customers, and they are not employees.

3/2/2018 9:50:12 PM

How to Transfer Calls to a Group of Users

Tools and Tips

With your Telzio phone system, you can transfer calls to an entire group of users by simply giving the group an extension, and transferring the call to that extension. You can easily create groups and users on your Telzio Dashboard.

2/27/2018 10:03:30 PM