VoIP: Advantageous for SMBs

Since voice communication used to be a major expense for most businesses, SMBs could not afford to add this line item to their budgets. Costly traditional phone service (PSTN – Packet-Switched Telephone Network) was an expensive proposition only ten years ago. Today we review some of the advantages VoIP brings to the table to improve your business’ voice communication needs, while representing yourself to the world as professional as a large brand.

International Presence

In the past, if your clientele was international, it cost you a fortune to communicate with them. You could resort to emails but as time went on that communication channel soon became outdated. As business professionals became inundated with countless sales pitches and requests for their time, that type of approach soon became ignored by most.

In its place, making international calls with VoIP has resolved that issue. While costly in the past, VoIP provides not only immediacy, it was about as inexpensive as it gets. Business owners can also build on their credibility by creating a local phone number for wherever your clientele is based. VoIP essentially provides you with the opportunity to have a ‘local’ presence no matter where you are located in the world.

Forwarding Calls While On-the-go!

VoIP Advantageous for SMBsWhile call-forward was available with the POT system, with VoIP, there are so many more options. It allows you to set if for multiple phones and devices, or when you prefer to distraction-free, it can go directly to voicemail without ever ringing your phone. This feature is additionally important when you’re on flights or in transit and unable to use your cell phone.

Transferring Seamlessly

When on an important business call, VoIP allows you to transfer other important ‘incoming’ calls to any number you select. And you can also use this feature between your devices, such as tablets, computers, landlines and/or multiple cells phones used for different purposes.

Voicemail to Emails

With Telzio, users can set up personalized voicemails for groups and individuals and manage their incoming messages either on their cell phones or online. With this feature you get voicemail to email and listen to your messages in your web browser. All missed call on your mobile phone will send callers to your business voicemail separate from your cellular voicemail.

Call Recording

With this feature users can enable call recording on inbound and outbound calls with one click. Business owners can activate call recording for all calls to a department or employee and they can review and manage these recording in their dashboard to coach and counsel employees as to their engagement with customers. Using Telzio, there is no additional cost for this feature.

Music on Hold

Just like the traditional world of the past, your VoIP system can provide your callers with music while on hold. This is an advantageous feature particularly when your incoming call volume increases. As we all know blank air space is a death knell for customer service. It’s a red flag for customers who think they’ve either lost a connection or your company isn’t considerate enough to provide them some soothing music while they wait.

Data Tracking

Big Data is something even small businesses have to be cognizant of. Data tracking is essential to figure out where to direct your company’s time and energy while keeping a watchful eye on costs.

A managed, cloud-based VoIP service can provide bandwidth utilization information and analytics that provide business owners with a snapshot of data usage over time. Inbound and outbound call detail reports let you view details of your company’s call history, including rate centers, duration, originator, destination, and associated expenses.

Call Flow

Setting up a call flow routing systems use to take hours with our old landlines. Today with a VoIP system like that which Telzio offers, not only is the old hardware no longer needed, the whole set-up process takes less than 15 minutes and doesn’t require any third-party assistance. Steve Borsch who heads up several online businesses including Connecting the Dots, says, “Telzio’s [call flow system] is an elegant design that is an intuitive connectivity to a backend that just works.” VoIP Advantageous for SMBs

VoIP benefits your small business . . .

Many SMBs today are making the switch to Telzio’s VoIP business phone systems for the reasons highlighted above. Beyond the standard options you’ve come to expect like voicemail, call waiting and toll free numbers, you’ll find a host of these and other features that can help your small business operate professionally and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.


Ron is part of the marketing team at Telzio, covering everything from tips and tech for growing businesses to customer success stories for the Telzio blog.