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Voicemail Transcription

Cut the time your team spends on listening to voicemails. Get voicemail transcriptions delivered to email, and manage voicemail messages on the dashboard and app.

About voicemail transcription

Voicemail to text

Telzio transcribes voicemail messages to text so you can both read and listen to your voicemails. Access both the audio and the transcription on the dashboard and by email.

Enable teams to manage direct and company voicemail transcriptions from any location and device.

Queue overview in Telzio's mobile app.

Audio and text

Quickly read voicemails and listen to the audio if needed.


Save time on listening to entire voicemail messages.

Voicemail to email

Receive voicemails conveniently by email.


Work on voicemails with other team members.

How it works

Read your voicemails

Our speech recognition technology converts voicemail messages to text, so you can quickly read them on any device. Get access to both the transcription and the audio by email and on the dashboard, and use our collaboration tools to manage company voicemails between team members.



Is there an additional cost for voicemail transcription?

No. Voicemail transcription and storage is included.

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