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Conference Bridge

Create and host conference calls with multiple participants. Take a break from video conferencing and give people a dial-in number and access code to join from any phone.

About conference bridges

Host group phone calls

A conference bridge enables multiple people to dial into the same phone call. Conference call participants can dial in from any phone and any location. With Telzio you have the flexibility to create a secure, dedicated conference call line, and make it easy for business associates to join from anywhere.

You can create a permanent conference bridge for employees and teams, and enable them to dial in and talk freely at no additional charge. Use conference bridges for scheduled conference calls and impromptu ones, and restrict access with changeable PIN codes.

Secure conference calling

Maintain secure conference lines with participant access codes and HIPAA compliant phone services from Telzio.

Free internal conferencing

Increase communication between teams and remote workers by providing unlimited talk time.

Unlimited conference bridges

Create separate conference bridge rooms for different teams or purposes, and make them easy to join.

Record conference calls

Get unlimited call recording and storage at no additional cost. Export and delete recordings automatically.

How it works

Create a conference bridge with one click

With Telzio, you can set up complete conference call capabilities for a large group within seconds. Whether it's for a special event or a regularly occurring conference call, you can create a dedicated conference number or add a conference bridge as an extension to your company's main line.

With Telzio's added security measures, conference call recordings and data can be automatically deleted to comply with your organization's security policies.



How many callers can be on a conference call?

There is a soft limit of 30 participants per conference call for new accounts. We do this for security reasons, and you can request an increase through your account manager.


Is there an additional charge for conference bridge services?

Minute usage may apply for talk time on conference bridges and will depend on your plan. There is no charge to add conference bridges, and no charge for internal conference calling. View our pricing to learn more about plans.


How do callers join a conference call?

Conference call participants join by dialing the phone number, and then entering the access code when prompted.

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