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Call Transfer

Intuitive call transferring feature for professionals with attended transfer capabilities. Answer and transfer calls from any device, including mobile phones.

About call transfer

Personalized hand-off of customer calls

Call transfers enable manual distribution of external calls throughout an organization and internal calls within the organization. You can transfer calls to other extensions, directly to someone's voicemail, and you can even transfer a call to a department or call flow. Use attended call transfers for a more personalized hand-off, and easily handle a high volume of calls with our intuitive phone solutions.

Use any device

Receive and transfer calls from any device using our web and mobile apps.

Attended transfer

Provide an introduction to the next agent with an attended call transfer.

Blind transfer

Transfer the call instantly by dialing the extension and hanging up.


Easy-to-use and familiar for professionals, with modern web and mobile apps.

How it works

How to transfer calls

On most phones, you can press the transfer button while on an active call to initiate a call transfer. From there, dial the extension or number where the call is being transferred and hit the transfer button again to complete the transfer.



What kind of device do I need to transfer calls?

You can receive and transfer calls from a desk phone, or using our webphone and mobile apps.


How do I transfer a call straight to voicemail?

Hit transfer, and dial 0 plus the extension.

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