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Call Blocking

Prevent unwanted calls from reaching your business, and let in the calls that matter. Customize restrictions on inbound and outbound calling, and automate spam blocking.

About call blocking

Block unwanted callers

Stay ahead of the robocalls and telemarketers. Our spam blocking solution uses machine-learning to automatically prevent spam and robocalls from reaching your business.

Create a banned calling list, and add restrictions on both incoming and outgoing calls. Block specific phone numbers, area codes, and entire countries from your phone system.

Blocked list

Customize a list of banned phone numbers and countries.

AI spam blocking

Use our machine-learning solution to block spam.

Bypass list

Allow certain numbers to override the spam filters.

Filter calls

Use auto attendants and other options for filtering calls.

How it works

How to block calls

Add numbers to your blocked calls list and start blocking calls immediately. Create restrictions on inbound and outbound calling and rules for different phone numbers. Apply calling restrictions to individual phone numbers or entire countries, and update them anytime through the dashboard.



My business is receiving a lot of spam calls, what can I do?

Telzio provides several solutions to mitigate spam calls. You can block specific spam callers, automate spam blocking with our AI tool, and filter calls through an auto attendant. Talk to our sales team to learn more.


What is a robocall?

Robocalls are bot-generated phone calls that are intended to scam the person receiving the call. Telzio provides solutions for automatically preventing robocalls from connecting to your business and team members.

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